No D-Day: Coffee

Georgie has declared today to be another no “D-Day” which means we talk about anything and everything we do not related to the “d” we tend to talk or blog about. I may be taking this challenge a little further though in my own attempts to make this an entertaining post. I will write an entire post without using the letter d: “Daringly Dashingly Doing Drafts During “D-Day”. Now that all of those d’s are out of the way, I will begin, this is going to be so awkward, d is in so many different words. H


Here goes nothing:

The challenge has been given, the gauntlet cast. Can I complete this pointless task? Can I finish it while having fun? Maybe I shall write a pun. However, that is a cheat, which will take me only so far, I think I shall answer the normal question of how you are? Rhyming is over, I force myself to stop, otherwise someone might have to call a cop or Seuss for my lyrical abuse.

Speaking of challenges I have given myself a new challenge, which I began last week. On September Twenty Three, I chose to forgo my normal cup of coffee. I chose to forgo my normal pop fascination, of trying to imbibe a better moist substance, such as water or sometimes maybe seltzer or sparkling water. Just myself with my water choices, it is tough?

People ask, “Why Brian have you chosen this?” Simply put, I was becoming to reliant on the caffeine I was getting from these beverages not to mention my sweet tooth was making crave anything I saw that was yummy. It is all part of a slightly healthier lifestyle. There are all of the scientific articles out there that say that artificial sweeteners are truly not the best of things to flavor beverages with. While I may not believe this fully, I figure, let me give it a shot to see what happens.

One is truly unable to realize how often I was craving one or both of these beverages the first few twenty four hour cycles. However, I have at least temporarily overcome that urge to imbibe these beverages.  Wake up in the morning, coffee…. No WATER. Get my bag for work set pop…. No water or seltzer. Sit to have something for lunch, WATER! No Brian hang in there you will see your way through this.

I was not 100% on keeping all of the caffeine out of what I choose to eat. I believe certain chocolates may have caffeine or a caffeine like affect on you. Sometimes there is a reason to consume a piece of that stuff, so that was the wiser choice. This week is just as tough for me so far though.

I was completely unaware of how often I might succumb to that urge without a thought. Now I am more conscious of these things, while my energy has gone lower. While I may be a little less energetic the first thing in the morning, I am getting there. This way of life takes time. So far it is going well. I am hoping to maintain this choice for as long as I can. However, now I have to figure out to what purpose all of the gift “monies” to a particular coffee joint that are in the app on my phone will be put to. I guess tons of munchkins for the Youth Group or office staff.

Happy no d-day.


11 thoughts on “No D-Day: Coffee

  1. So impressed. I gave up caffeinated drinks for a couple of years and was amazed at how quickly I was sucked back in once I picked one up again. I don’t even want to tell you how much coffee I drink now. Err, um, I mean…WATER. Yeah, water. Yeeeeah.

  2. Very clever! I know that my beverage preferences happen to migrate in favor of hot caffeinated choices in the chillier months, and I respect your choice to not consume coffee, especially in this season. Several years ago, my father was consuming an herbal tea with the name “Roastarama”. The flavor was similar to that of coffee. I would imbibe in it for awhile.

    Then I went back to real coffee. You can’t beat the real thing. (Ironically, that’s a former Coca-Cola campaign slogan).

    Not using that letter is not as easy as it seems!

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