When it comes to diabetes the word gambling has a completely different meaning, at least for me it does. It’s not like I am trying to win anything. Okay, that’s a lie. I am trying to win piece of mind. Yet some days depending on what we do, we are truly taking a gamble when we play this “game”. There is the cookie game, how do I properly bolus for these sweets? That is always fun. There is the pizza game. Last time I had two pieces I did a combo bolus, I was at 125, I bolused for 50 carbs win a wave of 70/30 over 1.5 hours and that worked pretty good for me. Yet the time before that I did that and ended up at 300. I just don’t get it. I never win the pizza game. There’s the PB and Ice Cream game, lets not even talk about what I need to do, to be able to win that game. I do win it, but it really is a stab in the dark with temp basals.

I for one am not a big gambler in general and this just annoys me to no end. While there are still so many games we play out there we cannot forget the biggie for me at least. It’s the battery game. How long since that warning of low battery can I keep going before the battery dies? I never know. Some days I get one day out of the warning. Sometimes maybe a little more. Saturday afternoon I got that warning and I knew I was good until Sunday at least. Sunday rolled around and I realized Monday morning (today) I needed to do my site change. Soooo…. Should I try to wait it out and not have to rewind and prime twice, draining the new battery more so to speak before I change it.

11:30 rolled around and things were still good. I had inquired to my friends about what I should do. Jess told me to not risk it. Sara never told me not to, but she said Jess told me to change the battery. Yet I feel she would play the gamble game too. Batteries are expensive. I was up late last night or this morning playing games and watching movies. My glucose levels had been steady mostly throughout this period of time. So I took the gamble and played battery roulette. Granted I slept with my pump by my head so I could hear the alarm if needed.

rouletteI woke up this morning and had WON the game. I changed everything this morning and am good to go. Yet I still don’t get why the battery never decides to die, when you are going to change your set anyway. What a jerk.


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