Meet each day as something new

So last week I had planned on blogging and talking about my visit to my new endo. While I had been past due on my appointment, I wasn’t really all that concerned about the time frame and the delay. Yet as always there is that eager anticipation of something new. What will he be like? Will I like him? Will I visit him once and decide this man is not the one for me? Sadly that blog never happened, life got in the way. Apparently I need to work and do stuff during the day and night. Last week, while I had stopped counting my hours worked, by Wednesday night I had cleared 34 hours of working and that included my day off on Tuesday. Thursday and Friday were looking to be 12 hour days and Saturday was just a pain in the asterisk. So something had to give. Apparently that was my sanity and my opportunity to write and talk to my friends.

This is not meant as a complaint, yet just as we claim that only people who have diabetes may truly understand the gauntlet we run on a daily basis, so too is my real life. I never know what the day is going to throw at me and honestly working and trying to fill the void of priests in what was a three priest parish takes its toll on me. I don’t just sit around making jokes on Facebook and playing Candy Crush. (I really hate you Meri, in the nice sense of hate of course. I will really turn the teasing and charm on when I see you in person.) I wish my life were that easy. I wish I could document what I actually do during the day. Some days I don’t know. While I do spend time in my office doing work I do so much other junk. My day is really a crap shoot. I can plan something to only have an emergency come in or an issue or something else take control of my day. It is never easy. Yet I do what I can and hope to have made a difference in what I have done.

That being said or not said, back to last weeks appointment. I got to my endo’s office just barely on time. I mean you would think with it being 15 minutes away from me, I wouldn’t have an issue. Nope, I decided to pass it by and get a little lost in my aimless directions to get there. I made it on time though, that is all that matters. The office was interesting. The staff seemed nice. I mean they laughed at my jokes and all, this is a plus in my book. If you tolerate stupid insurance related jokes, you are golden in my eyes. I had my trusty binder full of records. (Mine is not as pretty as Sara’s though.) So I was ready for anything. Dr. M. comes in and we start chatting. Well he starts chatting, like 200 miles a minute. I need to ask my friend Sean if that is how he always is.

Yet we start talking, he doesn’t ask about my file with Dr. K. Just more about how things stand with me, why I moved to him etc? Asks if I have any new blood work, I told him no, but I have my blood work from years past. He takes the binder and looks at it quickly, but I am amazed as he processed everything he needed fast. I see your a1c has been pretty steady…. I see your cholesterol is within normal parameters, in fact it has dropped …. All of these things from a cursory or what I thought was a cursory glance at the binder. We moved on from there to questions about my pump. How old Paltrow was and stuff like that. He asked about my CGM and what I was using. I told him. He was impressed by that as well. Very taken aback I think by the fact I was as informed I was on the tech front. Not that WE aren’t but I think he was just still surprised to see that I do take things seriously. Well, as serious as I can. I mean for those of you who have met me, can we really say I am a serious person most of the time, if ever??

The appointment was maybe 15 minutes long. Not that I complain, that is how long I used to spend with Dr. K., but she knew me. I am still processing this appointment, mind you I am not complaining. I think I like him. It seems like I should have no issues with him. For me, it will take time to build up the entire relationship to have full conversations about everything. I mean, I have a list of things I want to talk to him about. Nothing big or hugely important, but I figured I would wait until my next appointment to start talking. I mean, he will get my blood work next week and a week before my next appointment. So we will have that to go off of next time, plus I hope to be back on a better exercise routine by than. However looking at the second paragraph I wrote, I can’t promise anything. So that was Thursday.

My weekend was once again a PITA. Let me show you pictures from Saturday.

High1 High2

Saturday was not fun. I came to believe it was the insulin in the pump not being as effective, it was the end of a bottle and all, but for the life of me I was all over the place. I had so much to do and was dealing with the High/Low’s and the energy sap and addition that goes with it. I was not pleased. In fact this was probably one of the few days that I was really pissed at d. I know we all have these days. Me not so much. This is not meant to be bragging or anything like that. It isn’t. Just that when I see consistent numbers in the upper 200’s without a bolus affecting it, I have issues. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I wandered around sniffing my arm to see if it was my site or something else.

Well I got over it eventually, changed my set on Sunday and things have gone back to “normal” or what is normal for me. I survived. My week was finally over, only to begin with a 14 hour day on Sunday. So back to the grind. But on a positive the new sneakers I had ordered came in and I am going skiing in Colorado in two weeks. YEAH!!!


At the end of the day or week, I really have to remember my mantra of meeting each day as something new. If I let the shit build up on me, it will overwhelm me completely. Until than, I just need to keep going, I guess to keep swimming.


4 thoughts on “Meet each day as something new

  1. I hadn’t imagined a job such as yours (or any in the clergy) would be so time consuming. I don’t know why I imagined it a “relaxing” job with about 40 hours put in a week. I did imagine it a bit stressful with funerals, that would be so difficult I think. I have this image of priests sitting quietly contemplating and writing moving sermons, visiting with the ill or elderly, counseling members of the congregation, performing weddings and baptisms. I forgot that there would be other work to do as well – finances, managing employees, and all that comes with running a business.
    I imagine reaching 30+ hours before half the week is over (including a day off) must be draining and surely takes a toll on you physically, mentally and maybe even spiritually at times. Adding wonky infusion sites and roller coaster blood sugars would exasperate the stress in anyones life. Im not throwing you a pity party (and I didn’t for one second think you were asking for one) – Im just recognizing your strife. The endless winter yall are having up there on the northeast coast can’t be helping anyone.

    As far as the new endo – I hope he works out. I was surprised that your first appointment wasn’t longer – like 30 minutes for new patients. Im a fast talker so I appreciate those who can share thoughts quickly and understand me, thus the 200 miles a minute chit chat wouldn’t have bothered me unless I felt like the other person was talking that fast because they were rushed and I was just a case file.

    I did giggle when I envisioned you walking around occasionally sniffing your body parts.

    Glad you got new shoes (oh so colorful) and you will be off skiing soon.

    Hope your next appointment is productive and the new endo works out well.

    I also hope I make it to Friends for Life this year so I get a chance for a real life meet-up (doesn’t look good though). Thus – you will need to plan a trip to Nor Ca, or Nevada because I think a meet-up that includes Sara and you would be epic so I would totally go there.

    • Christina,
      That’s the funny thing. Nobody seems to think we do stuff. It is, what it is though. Most of the stress is my fault though, so I really can’t blame anyone but myself. I just need to work on certain things. I am trying somewhat. After Easter and I clean my desk things could be more settled.
      I am hoping to meet you and your family at some point. Give me a few months to figure some stuff out. But there will be a visit either to you or Sara at some point.

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