Day 4: Care Page/Package

I’m gonna be honest today seems kinda similar to day two. Granted on day two I wandered from posting to my blog to other friends or resources out there. Not because my stuff is bad, but their stuff tends to be more d-related, where as mine is d-related but not always in the obvious in your face kinda way.

Granted as I sit here in this ancient hotel with no soundproofing and hearing unruly kids running up and down the hallway screaming and their parents doing nothing about it, I wander from d-related support and care, to just the fact that some people need to be linked to children related care or care packages. My kids would never behave like that and I would be more conscientious of the noise said children created. (Some days I really hate people.)

And look, Brian wandered in his writings, yet again. Big surprise? Not so much. This is what he always does. Anyway, back to a care package or a link for someone who is newly diagnosed or trying to figure this d-thing out. There are so many great places to go.


American Diabetes Association












Scott Johnson


You Can Do This Project

All of these bloggers are amazing. There are other people out there that I am not mentioning, 1.) Because I am forgetful and tired. B.) Because I am lazy and this is enough hyper linking already. III.) Well 1 and B really cover it to be honest with you.

The resources are out there for anyone to find and use. It is just finding the person who fits your style. They are all different and all full of awesome.

Speaking of awesome….


I’m still alive. Woo.


6 thoughts on “Day 4: Care Page/Package

  1. Stupid parents.
    When you get a chance to read my post you will be so thankful you didn’t copy – its like as long as the Illiad without the dactylic hexameter but just as confusing.
    Thanks for including me in your blog list – first I was woohoo top billing then I was like – friggen alphabet.
    Just trip the kids as they run down the hall and then ask the parents to apologize to you for them hitting your foot.

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