So for those of you who were struggling with trying to figure out the pun behind this picture:


Let me help you out. There is a shopping list and a bucket. So if you put the two of them together you get list bucket, which obviously doesn’t make a lick of sense. So, we will change this to a bucket list. Hence the pun or well the play on words. Maybe I should make a FB game or an IOS app with clever things I have created with pictures around my house.

So yes today I am talking about my bucket list. Granted, the plan was to do this yesterday, but I worked a 17 hour day roughly, so I really didn’t have a chance to write stuff and today was just playing catch up somewhat on what I was doing yesterday. So yeah I write this post now.

I don’t often talk about my bucket list, but I do have one more or less:

  1. Swim with penguins
  2. Go to Ireland
  3. Go to Hawaii
  4. Go on an overnight camping trip (like a real one)
  5. Make someone famous laugh
  6. Live healthier
  7. Ride 100 miles in either the Tour de Cure or one of the JDRF rides

There are other things on my list too, just none that I can remember. Anyway, I am halfway to one of the tasks on my list. In 30 days I am planning on riding 30 miles in the Princeton Tour de Cure. I was hoping to do a different one and have time to train for 60 miles in the fall, but I have a wedding that day. So I had to cut things short and rush my training and planning for this ride. Either way I am really excited. It is one of those things I really wanted to do, for like ever. Now I am almost there and hope to be able to fully check this off my list next year. If you want to support my ride. Click here or here or here! Thank you in advance.

The other picture:


Well this one needs a little more explanation. I am in charge of food shopping in the rectory. So I order the food online. It is easier that way. Parishioners don’t see me and judge my basket. The one thing I needed were fresh lemons. Just lemons. I type in lemons on the list and CANNOT find them. There was no produce option, there was nothing but the possibility of pulling my hair out. I was so frustrated. Heck I was FUSTRATED! But such is my life. I did what I could and finally found my lemons. Stupid online ordering.


4 thoughts on “List

  1. Every time my fridge is empty and I need to run out to the supermarket, I think about how I should’ve just done the Shop-Rite online ordering, but by then it’s too late and there’s no hope of getting my food ’til the next day, which would be too late. I curse myself for not dealing with it sooner. Now I won’t do that anymore. Thanks.

    Even though I rarely buy lemons.

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