Washington Wednesday

Things have been quite silent on the Brian front. Most likely this will continue to be the case for the next few weeks. My time to blog is not as often as it once was. I am overwhelmed with end of the year school stuff (8th grade graduation, pre-k graduation, 7th grade ring ceremony/moving up ceremony, parish carnival, packing, etc…) there is a lot on my plate. Yet it is nice when the opportunity arises to try to take that break or escape. One such occurrence happened last week. Two weeks ago in my normal text harassment between Jess, Sara, Kim, and myself, Jess was talking about getting ready to start packing. It was at that moment that the three of us realized Jess was escaping on a small vacation to Washington, D.C. We knew she was planning this trip at some point, however the when apparently never came up in conversation.

So anyway I started looking at my schedule of things to see if I could actually manage the 4 hour trip to D.C. I started asking Jess questions to make sure that my visit would not be an intrusion, and finally at around 1:00 last Sunday I made the decision to make a quick road trip to D.C. I booked my hotel using the Hotel Tonight app on my phone, which saved me a boatload of money and after my last event Sunday afternoon hopped into my car to go visit Jess. While the drive was long and rainy at times, that did not matter to me. I mean this is the closest that Jess would be to me for who knows how long. (Granted I could have taken a flight to Kansas for roughly that same time period….) Anyway, I got to D.C. and was so excited. Finding my hotel was a little difficult, the area the hotel was in was under construction so there were many one way streets created for these projects, which made getting to the hotel awkward. I think I spent 15 minutes once my GPS said I was there to actually get my car to where it needed to go.


WDC3We were hoping to meet up on Sunday night, however because of the time, the metro, and the distance from our two hotels we ended up waiting until Monday morning. I was sad to not see Jess and the cookie she promised me, but it made sense.

Monday morning dawned kinda wet and rainy so I grabbed my stuff, packed up, put it in my car and with rain coat and umbrella in hand went to find Jess and Josh. The journey by Metro wasn’t horrible once I figured out what I needed to do. Finally this happened!

WDC5I FOUND JESS!!!! It was so good to see her.

We had breakfast at the hotel, Josh is apparently important enough that it was a free breakfast. Yeah for free food. Anyway, we had breakfast and decided on our day. Granted I was only down for a few hours, but we wanted to make the best of the time we had available. So we walked to the Air and Space Museum. Needless to say pictures were taken on both the walk to the museum, but at the museum as well.






WDC1(I pulled out my big boy camera for this pic. Josh was jealous. Jess don’t let him guilt you into buying one though.)

Anyway after our walk we got to the museum and started touring. While we could have spent hours just looking at a few things we tried to be slightly practical about our timing and just wandered and talked!


WDC14Even though I had planned for the walk and cereal crash, as we were entering the second exhibit hall I felt the tell tale buzzing in my pocket of B.A.S.C. so I checked it and sure enough I had a diagonal arrow around 6oish or so. Stupid cereal. Anyway, I had my emergency supplies packed in my camera bag and pulled out the bag of M&M’s I was carrying. I swear it’s like people with d can sense when the candy is out. Jess’s eyes made contact with them, looked at me, and said I have glucose tabs if you need them. (I mentally laughed at that.) Granted I could have just been craving chocolate the offer was there and very much appreciated. I thanked Jess, but said I would be fine. The thing that is great about Jess and I told her this is that she offered the tabs, it was on her radar, but at the same time she trusted that I knew what I was doing. While I know she was concerned and hovering, it wasn’t as obvious or judging as it may feel with others.

Anyway, we kept touring, saw the Wright Brothers plane, I crashed my animated built plane quite quickly and headed to the NASA exhibit. That is something that is truly amazing to behold. Jess asked how I was, I told her I had a flat line, but no climb yet. So we continued our tour and I finished my M&M’s. Roughly at this point it was noon and I had to start heading back to my hotel to rescue my car and head home for the choir party. At this point I had an upward arrow and we headed to the lower level of the museum to figure out a lunch place, but to also find the potty. As we were going down the stairs Jess did make a comment that amused me, as I had shown her B.A.S.C. to prove to her I was fine. She expressed not amazement or amusement at the fact that I was functioning normally in the 50/60’s where she would not be able to do what I was doing. I assume steps and such. I commented right back though, and said this not braggingly but this is what happens when you go so long without being aware of stuff and have become so hypo unaware. It really takes a “bad” low to make me feel the effects.

Well after that we found a place for lunch that wasn’t $$$$ on Josh’s phone and wandered to the Au Bon Pain for lunch. This also happened to be close to one of the the Metro stations so I could get home.

This was pretty much my trip to D.C. in a nutshell. The time was short but SOOOOOOOOO worth it. I was glad to have some time with Josh and Jess. I can’t wait until they actually decide to come to Jersey. She did promise she would at some point. There is always room at my place for her and almost anyone else.











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