Easter Candy

I would love to just talk about and wax eloquent about the Reese’s Easter Eggs, I mean I honestly could dedicate an entire post to them. Wait, I think I may have…. Apparently the original picture I used has disappeared. That’s a shame. I may have to fix that at some point…

Anyway, people like to give me candy for Easter or as one of the cards given to me said “Reeseter”. I am ever so grateful for what they have given.



Easter5That’s more chocolate than one person can handle, normally. The cupcakes, as you see two are missing, I have had them for about two plus weeks now. Technically I ate a cupcake with peep and peep without cupcake, my mom at the other cupcake. I have eaten one of the bunnies and two of the eggs.

I think most people have finally gotten the idea that as a person with type-1 diabetes, I can eat what I want. At least those who know about these things. Yet now the comments I have heard from time to time is gee that’s a lot of sweets, you need to be careful about eating that. You can’t eat that all in one shot…. etc. The normal comments of not eating to much stuff. I get it, I do. But here’s the thing, I don’t really eat all that much stuff. I mean, when I am low I indulge, I may grab something from time to time, but I plan for it and bolus for it. I’m not a complete idiot when it comes to this stuff.

The will power is there when I need it and I am pretty good about it. You want proof??

Back in September the parish had a small welcoming/house warming party for me. Since people knew of my love of Reese’s I got ALOT of them. I mean ALOT. Add Christmas to the mix and well you get the picture. Well. here’s the thing. I still have a large chunk of what I got since September.



Easter6Granted my house is a person with Peanut Allergies biggest fear. I have been very good about eating and not eating this stuff. I am not that much of an idiot. It just astounds me that people will still say these things to me, but not just me. I know what I am doing, granted I have my lows and highs from time to time, I do actually know how to handle things.

I guess I should be used to it by now, but sadly I am not.

On a side note, I was down in D.C. for about a 24 hour period of time. My Dad was able to get some of our family a tour of the White House. They checked and cleared us a few days before our visit. When it came time to go through the security check point, I declared I had a pump, they said it’s no issue, walked through the metal detector, did not set it off and continued with the tour. It was easier to get through the White House than it is to board a plane…. I find that a little bizarre. Oh well. Have a great day!


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