Celebration of ones LFP!

A few weeks ago I was commiserating with a friend about many different things. One thing that came up in conversation in regards to Type-1 diabetes is the ongoing confusion about the differences between Type-1 Diabetes and Type-2 Diabetes. We know there is always confusion about this and the misinformation in regards to the two types. I get that, this is going to happen. After that part of the conversation we wandered into the conversation that pops up from time to time in regards to designating these types of diabetes by different names, to split the confusion and try to end the supposed stereotypes and confusion. I am not opening that can of worms here. To be honest, I don’t really care about what people call it or even the confusion most of the time. If nothing else the biggest issue that exists that people are not educated on diabetes as a whole. As long as we clear up that confusion, life would be simpler.

Anyway, as I mentioned I was talking with my friend and as we were griping about things, I concluded, I do not have diabetes, I suffer from a condition known as LFP. Lazy Fucking Pancreas. That’s what I am going to call it now, at least mentally and to myself. I don’t want to offend anyone. Due to LFP, there are things I need to be aware of; keeping my BS(Blood Sugar, not Bull Shit, granted I do yell that some days) stable is one of them. The other is making sure I remember to fill my pump, test my sugar, keep Beepy McBeeperson calibrated, and stuff like that. All within the normal parameters of my daily existence on this here moving planet called Earth.

While I admit some days are harder than others. Take for instance last week, when I was on a lovely conversation with my mentor and not aware of what my sugars were doing. Cue end of conversation, looking at Dexcom and saying, well maybe I should verify these readings.

Jan2This was number one. Obviously not panicking I chose to test again.


That’s where this bad boy came from.

So obviously I was a little low there. The “fun” thing is, I do not feel a thing. I feel normal or as normal as I always feel. Had I not tested, I would have assumed I was just under 55. Nope, I was completely hypoglycemic or at least according to the numbers that my meter was telling me. As always, I am grateful to know that I am alive and am not worse off after instances like this. I wish everyday was sunny. However, that is not always the case.

I try my best to handle LFP as best as I am able and see where my day gets me. Wednesday I went skiing. I would say, other than one small blip, I handled things well.


This though is the thing, most days I am well within my “lines” and I am fine with everything that is going on here with me. There are other days when I am wiped out completely and just done in by LFP.

Jan6Those days suck monkey balls, but we all try our best.

The one thing I can tell you is that had I not had LFP, I would never have known this answer to Trivia Crack, which I answered like a champ.

Jan5I was amused, if nothing else. LFP has it’s perks I see. Or maybe I don’t see. I don’t know. I just do what I need to do. As we come to the end of this post, I do point out one milestone in my life is that sometime during the past 30 days I celebrated my 19th diaversary or is it a Lazyfuckingpancraversary. I don’t make a big deal of these things though. Why? Well, one reason being I truly do not know the date. I have tried to sort it out. No records from the hospital can be found, no luck with my old medical history. I just know it was after Christmas and at the beginning of Ski Season at school, which happened in January. The other is honestly, I don’t see it as a “celebration”. So I have survived LFP for 19 years. I am ever so grateful that I have, maybe I should celebrate that.

I have made some great friends and some best friends. I know if it wasn’t for this illness I would never have known some of these people and I am so glad that I do. Have a great day and join me in raising ones glass to celebrate my Lazy Fucking Pancreas.


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