I don’t have a title yet

I have felt the call to write something these past few weeks, but I am not quite sure where that call will take me just yet. In fact, while it most likely will not change, I originally titled this post, “I don’t have a title yet”. That’s the funny thing with my writing, I let my mind take the reins of this horse and just pray that it dances the proper side of the dirty mind pool.

I think the desire to write today or possibly tomorrow if I get distracted and do not finish this thought comes from my desire to bring a little spark into my life. I am not bragging right now, but the proverbial diabetes gods have been nice to me lately. So there have been no exciting developments or changes in my life. I am grateful that things have been pretty much in my imagined range with a few hiccups as always along the way.

Without cursing myself, which I am sure I just did, I am grateful for the fact that in the past x months, I think I may be close to a year or more my sleep has been good and there have been no major issues of waking up drenched in a cold sweat trying to convince my hands that all they need to do is grab the bottle of glucose tabs on my nightstand and put them in my mouth. Not all over the bed, floor, my face (not in my mouth of course) and anywhere else my hands choose to fling those life saving tablets.

I guess that’s a good thing. A few weeks back I was down at the annual Friends for Life Conference in Orlando. I got to hang out with some of my friends, got to pick on Kerri and Scott, etc. It was good. It was fun. I mean I got to see Donald, so that was pretty bad ass.


I was hoping to get something out of this conference. But nothing. So maybe I am in burnout. But I don’t feel burnt out. Maybe I am just in autopilot mode. I don’t really care. I was hoping something would inspire me to do something. Nope. So I am going to continue as I am.

I am happy, I am healthy, I have an endo appointment. I am not expecting any surprises. So status quo. I guess that’s fine.

I end this very melancholy, no title post with this picture. I currently have a priest in training in residence with me. He made brownies. He than proceeded to cut a piece out of the center and started eating it. I actually yelled at him, that this is not the fucking way to eat brownies and he took a second piece to somewhat balance it out. But seriously, who the fuck does that??



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