Wading through my mind

Well, I told myself one day I would get around to possibly doing something like this. I have seen the fun some of my friends in the real world have with their own blogs and figured hey, I am a pretty funny guy on paper. In real life my jokes tend to die awkwardly and painfully for me at times. However, I found the best way around it is to laugh at my own jokes, not in that awkward laugh way but in a real time laughing style. This way people are forced to laugh with me and not at me.
So, while I hope that most of this will be about my life as a person with Type 1 Diabetes, I cannot be certain as to the direction or path I will go. Things change on a daily basis, sometimes they take off and move fast and other times we hit bumps along the way. The first thing is that grammar wise I tend to avoid the word “diabetic”, unfortunately in society that word is used to classify people in many different ways. More often then not in a negative way. But this is not what I am here to complain or talk about. It can sometimes be the everyday challenges of dealing with being a person with diabetes, what I run into my own personal perspective on things, and well a hope to provide some entertainment as well.
A little more about me, I am 29 right now, I was diagnosed way back during my Freshman year in High School, January of 1996 to be precise. Roughly 15/16 years ago, I always mess that math up, and yet I was a banker before I decided to do something else with my life. (That will come up at a later point). So more than half my life I have lived through this disease and I have suffered and sucked and well had some major malfunctions over the years. Yet, I have survived through it all. Things have gotten better and now I am honestly trying hard to do what I need to live to be an old, old, grumpy man complaining about the good ol’ days.
Now I am just rambling and once I do that I know I should probably stop for the day. However, I figure I should at least explain the name for my Blog. This is a line I say a few times a week. Obviously not the (Buzz, Buzz), that would be Beepy my Dexcom Seven Plus CGM. We get along great other then when he decides to Buzz at some very inappropriate times. That’s when people look at me and say aren’t you going to get that. My response is usually to grab my pocket to silence Beepy and just go whoops, sorry. Not my cell phone and continue on as they try to figure out what I keep in my pockets. (which is tons of stuff: cell phone, gum, wallet, keys, Beepy, Murph (my pump), and other things as well). So yes, that is a little bit of who I am and why I am here right now.


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