Nerds and Taffy

So one of my constant quests for addressing the infamous lows we people with diabetes run into is the how and what to eat. Given a chance if my CGM tells me I am low, I get excited. I mean come on I can eat something without fear of having to bolus and just enjoy the sweetness of the yummy snack I have chosen.
The problem for me, is once I get started who wants to stop? Yes, I can always consume the chalky/tasteless glucose tabs in the various containers hidden throughout my room and office, yet they just don’t do it for me anymore. For a bit I was using peanut butter cups, which was awesome, I bought the post Halloween sale candy and hid that in places. The problem though was well for me, that combination would result in me devouring a butt load more than I should. So I decided to graduate to something else, again small to eat because otherwise I would just devour the entire thing and well yeah. So what to try next?
Well the next culprit was a mixed bag of pocket sized nerds, figuring what the hey, I devour two of these boxes and I am all set:
Meet culprit number one.

Him and his friend, Laffy Taffy came in a Halloween size bag (again do I ever love discount candy, I admit it I am cheap). I wish I was able to post pictures of the Laffy Taffy, but well I ate the last piece in my desk yesterday and my trash has been emptied. Well downing a few of these or Laffy Taffy seems to not do much. In looking at the happy little trend graph I get from Beepy McBeeperson (yeah my Dexcom has an awesome first and last name), I will spike above what I was at for about an hour and resume my normal course of hanging out nice and low.

Long story short my Nerds and Laffy Taffy do not seem to work as they are supposed to. If I consume 5 pieces of Laffy Taffy it claims to give me 30 grams of carbs, i can only assume 2 small boxes of nerds from my online research gives me about 24 grams of carbs.

For me, they are not a success, unless I go for massive intake of either of them. Not much luck for me. They appear to be a phantom free food for me. I only get spikes before i flatline at whatever the number I get from my Dexcom. It is very bizarre.

Maybe one day I will find what works for me both in raising my sugar and keeping me from over devouring and needing to bolus and start the whole process over again.


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