Things I’m tied to

These past few days I have been having some pump related “issues”. Mind they are not malfunctions, but it seems I have had this unknown and undiagnosed desire to attach Muprh to any and everything I can get my hands on.
Many people out there I am sure have run into the random tubing issues, but apparently this week has been an epic fail for me in regards to who and what my tubing has become attached to. Mind you since my recent move of infusion sites I have had a little extra tubing to deal with but after a few years it’s not like I am new to tubing sticking out of my pocket.
In the past two weeks, lets look at what I have attached or misplaced my pump tubing in:

1.) There was the door knob incident, that was a little painful, but hey we all catch our tubing on that from time to time.
2.) There was the time I caught myself in Victor or more precisely tangled up in the hands of Victor one of the kids in my Youth Group.
3.) After a recent run, I had to detangle myself from my iPod as there was an apparent meeting of the wires, which I was not invited to.
4.) The other morning, I guess I was just having one of those tossing and turning nights, I woke up with my pump wrapped around my waist twice, instead of clipped to my clothing. And as many of us know at 6:00 in the morning we are not always the most alive/awake/alert/enthusiastic people this early in the morning.
5.) Seatbelt, yeah, I was all about doing a coffee/dunkin bolus and when I pulled Murph out of my pocket to bolus I did not put him back in the same way and was tangled in my seatbelt.
6.) Sticking with the car them, I did shut my tubing in the door. That was just more annoying than anything else when I realized I had done it.
7.) Lastly, the zipper to my pants… Yeah, yeah, you would thing I would have the entire pants button/zipper thing figured out. Apparently not so much and I can’t even count the number of times over the years that I have tangled my belt in my tubing.

The good news is that I just laughed about it. The bad news is well, really there is no bad news. We take things as they come and move forward. It could be worse, I could be talking about the places that I have misplaced my pump. (those are interesting, thankfully few and very uncommon)


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