Top Ten Most Inappropriate Places for Beepy to Buzz

My CGM is set to vibrate as it can be less awkward at times when it just buzzes in my pocket. I realize on some level there is much irony in the fact that I call my CGM Beepy, when it hardly ever really does that. But who is to say that I am normal, not me.
Over the past few month’s I have been thinking seriously about all of the times my CGM has decided now is a great time to make some type of noise when it really shouldn’t have. Either because I missed the first Buzz as I was walking or just happily buzzing away in the silence. This list is in no particular order.
1.) In the middle of a conversation with my boss.
2.) While talking with students at my school.
3.) While celebrating morning mass.
4.) In the confessional.
5.) During the movies.
6.) While sleeping (granted it is good that it does, it is still annoying).
7.) During a Doctor’s appointment with my Endo as I am telling her, oh things are pretty good, sure I get the occasional lows. (Buzz, Buzz), what’s that? Uhhh…….
8.) While driving with my mom in the car, she over reacts.
9.) Roller coasters, it’s really hard to do anything when the bloody CGM is beeping at me as I am holding on for dear life.
10.) When is the most annoying for you????


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