I hate the winter. I really do. The dries me out and makes me grumpy too.

Haha, bad poetry aside, there is something about having bits and pieces of sticky stuff attached to my skin over the course of the winter that just drives me absolutely nuts. Normally, my infusion sites and I play well, same can be said for my CGM to a lesser extent. However as the winter progresses, my already dry skin starts to go the south side of itchy. In years past I have tried so many different things to solve this problem. There were the attempts to use baby oil or cocoa butter daily. Yet that only resulted in my sites deciding that they only wanted to live for about a few hours before taking a nose dive outta my skin.

Truth be told I am at wits end, my infusion sites will start to go crazy by day two, even worse because I dry out like a bloody prune, when i comes time detach my site, not only is it dry and itchy, but it is stuck to me worse than  a puppy with a ball.

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, itchy dry skin. The winter and I are enemies. Even worse is trying to stretch the CGM out for longer than a week. After about 4 days, the adhesive starts to play with the dry skin and man do I ever just want to rip my body parts off to stop the itching.

I love to ski, I love playing Ultimate in the snow, I love every and everything about the winter. Except for my dry body and the itchy, bitchy, dryness that comes with the heaters and everything else.


One thought on “Itchy

  1. OMGPUPPY!"itchy bitchy dryness" made me giggle. i get really dry skin in the winter too. if i lotion up right after the shower i'm not as itchy throughout the day.

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