Those words are words that can strike fear and intimidation into the hearts of many. Myself, sometimes but not always. There is something that can be so refreshing when one goes for a nice walk on the treadmill, run on the elliptical, lifts some weights. I used to do it all the time, however with work, life, and well being out of school I stopped the gym, cause well it is bloody expensive. This winter though with all the snow has made it difficult to actually go outside and play.
So I made myself a deal. I want to trim up and be ready for when I eventually go away on vacation, nothing major because people keep telling me I am thin enough or skinny. I know better, plus this winter has killed me. So this weekend I manned up and spent some money and got a gym membership, some friends of mine go there already and I figure if I can get a routine and the motivation going, it would all be good.
Today, I had my complimentary personal training session. What the hell was I thinking? That thing killed me. All very basic moves, good to know, but way past what I was in shape to do. Lunges, stretches, all stuff my wii tried to get me to do. Needless to say, I am kicking myself now. The interesting thing was during the personal training session I had to fill out a questionnaire about myself. The last thing on the list stated, are there any medical or personal issues your trainer should be aware of? So me being me, I put down diabetic. With my own beliefs and such, I should have put down type-1 diabetes, but well I didn’t. The trainer looked everything over and surprised me with the question, “Type-1 or Type-2?” If nothing else he got a positive response in my book for that. At the end of the session he did make the blanket statement of the personal training would help me in general with my diabetes. I took it as just a comment, not based upon him not being educated about the two different types of diabetes. I mean at least I didn’t think so. So it was pretty good.
Granted, while the training would be beneficial, would kick my ass, and would motivate me, at the same time paying $99 for a registration fee plus $30 a session on top of the $45 I am paying for my membership would cripple me financially. I mean I do have to have money to feed C tomorrow night and stuff like that.
Why are gym’s so expensive??


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