Where did the week go?

So I had all of these plans and ideas to talk about this week. Yet somehow the week got ahead or away from me or something like that. I mean it’s a good thing and all. This just means my grand plan is going to be delayed until I get more time to talk about things.
The bonus of the week for me is that I got to meet one of the members of the DOC who I met over at a little place called Juvenation. That was kinda cool. She is the same person in life as she is online. Which is awesome to know, cause well sometimes people just aren’t who they plan to be. I did warn her though that if some crazy person had jumped out of the elevator. I was so set to run and hide behind a ficus or something like that. That was Tuesday.
Wednesday, I got a lovely letter from my insurance company denying the submission from Dexcom back in October to pay for a new unit and transmitter. Nothing like quick notice after approving the claim. The reason, well the reason for those on paper may make sense, is that there is no documented history of recent major hypoglycemic events…. Yeah, that’s right. As of late, maybe in the past year since having beepy, I have had what you may call a “major hypoglycemic event”. Well okay, your right the CGM can help those who are hypo unaware avoid the lows which can lead to blackouts, car accidents, the 8 different types of hypos out there. I stumbled upon this link today and it made me laugh. So I hope Alison, doesn’t mind that I am linking it. If she does, it will disappear one day.
But yes since starting with the Dexcom and even the MM Sensor before that, my major lows have more or less stopped. I mean, yes the freakish one has happened from time to time. I would think this is a huge success. But well, I will be fighting this one if my doctor ever calls me back. Sigh. Anyway, that was only two things for the week. I will catch up eventually. Next time, I discuss alert bracelets… I hope.


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