The Myth’s and the Mythed


Haha, get it. Oh I slay myself. Seriously I do. I love the fact that there were random events out there to save me from the boringness of my bloopers and obviously my ability to create nifty words. I thought about bloopers and well they are just not that hysterical. I mean Mike over at The Diabetics Corner Booth hinted at this. So why even pretend that it was an original idea and creatively recreate his random ramblings… Sorry Mike. So I was getting miffed that I had nothing clever to say today. Thank the Diabetes Muses that there were random topics to cover ones ass that made things easier for me today. So instead of talking about the time my friend Victor got his hand caught in my tubing or the time I was low and had the drops and literally threw food that was on my tray everywhere, I would move onto the myths out there. Mainly one Myth. SPRINKLES!!!!

Yes, I may have borrowed this picture from Twitter, but hell Sprinkles is very hard to track down and talk to. I have tried a few times and I get lost in a trail of rainbows, glitters, and cupcakes. I know weird, but true.
A few days ago, I actually had a visit from Sprinkles. I was shocked, I mean Sprinkles literally knocked the unicorn/cupcake socks off my feet. I was sitting in my room and poof there was a rainbow explosion and there was Sprinkles standing there. I didn’t know what to do. So I just stared, obviously shoulda grabbed my phone, ipod, camera, anything and everything that was hanging out next to me and take a picture, but I forgot. What was I thinking. I mean come on Sprinkles in plain site. But well I panicked.
So I did the only thing I could do. Sit with my mouth wide open and go “….. sp… spr… SPRINKLES”. And that was it. The poof happened again, and Sprinkles was gone and so were my socks. However, my doubts of the existence of said unicorn are no more. I mean come on. If Sprinkles appears to me as a sign… oh and my sugar was like 97 so this was not a low hallucination,  I know now to be a believe. That and the fact that Sprinkles left my room smelling of cupcakes, I hate that rainbow toting Unicorn for that. But alas all is good. I am the forgiving type. I do love the random encounters on the net with Sprinkles. My favorite being a link I shared with Kimface a few weeks ago. I think Sprinkles does have a part time job working on commercials for Progressive. I mean check out this video and you can’t deny the fact. I love it. So yeah, Sprinkles is real and now I hate the smell of cupcakes, it has been a 3 day craving for me. Stupid Unicorn I am quite mythed at Sprinkles.


2 thoughts on “The Myth’s and the Mythed

  1. Oh no, so Sprinkles has a sock fetish??? Well, at least it brought you a good blood sugar reading – some days I sure would trade my socks to see a 97 on my meter. 😉

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