D-Blog Day 5: I am still alive


I am happily sitting here typing this blog as I anxiously await the return of Blogger, which apparently decided to take a nap and abandon me. So this just means I have more time to sit and stare and think about all things d-related. I figured I would start out thinking about things such as Unicorns and Glitter, cause well that is awesome. Once I do that I might as well think about cupcakes. I mean come on what’s a person with diabetes to do, but fantasize about cupcakes…. Yummm. Now I want a cupcake, thanks Blogger, look at what you made me do. Can anyone tell me what the carb count is for a glitter infused, chocolate, unicorn cupcake?? Damn…
Alright, well my fantasy is done, I am back to the real world, ‘cause that is the reality we live in. In looking at today’s blog request, we have been asked to blog about the things we have done because of diabetes. This is a hard thing to think about though. I mean life with d for me has been for so many years, I don’t know if I can say that I did something because I did or did not have type-1. I mean in high school I went Scuba Diving and was certified at one point. I did that though because of my than girl friend. It had nothing to do with anything else. I mean I had to get certified differently, but still nothing.
Uhhh… I mean this is really hard. I can’t really place anything that I would have done differently because of having type one. I mean, my life style altered, my life focus altered a little at one point. I mean, I probably did some things because of having type-1, like pass out, sprain an ankle, drop stuff….. But those are really not accomplishments to be proud of or sad about. I mean for me it all is about who or what I am. That is what matters.
Having type-1 did not really change anything for me. I have nor will I ever let this disease hold me back. I mean yes I am traveling out to San Francisco on Sunday. I am going to go about things normally for myself. I do not change anything because of the big or small D.
I mean I think though that is the thing. I am me no matter what. Maybe I am a little more moody at times, yet I am still Brian. I still do all the things I am supposed to. I never let anything hold me back. Yes sometimes extra effort or thought needs to go into things, such as playing Ultimate Frisbee and stuff like that. But truly, that is it.
Now being the schmuck that I am, I did just have a realization as I was writing this. And see if you can follow me on this. The key words are “as I was writing this.” Blogging and trying to become a more active member of the DOC is something I probably would never have done, prior to my diagnosis all those years ago. Meeting people, playing on Facebook and Juvenation, probably would not have happened. Kimface, Gina, C, and all the rest of my friends from here would never have had to hear the weird sarcasticness that is Brian, my words might get to fewer people, but all in all, that is just how things play out sometimes. I can’t think of anything else.
To quote a song from well, I am not going to reveal it, else my weird music tastes will be seen, but “I am what I am, I can’t help myself and if you don’t like it get with somebody else. I’ll never change my ways, it’s not a phase. This is how it is and this is how it’s gonna stay” So yeah. I am who I always was meant to be either because of or despite D. To tell you the truth I am quite happy about this.
Peace, love, glitter, and unicorns!!!

3 thoughts on “D-Blog Day 5: I am still alive

  1. I feel the same way! I don't think diabetes has changed anything about my life either…but it really has! My blog and the DOC is so amazing and awesome to me and I couldn't imagine life without it now!

  2. Great post, Brian. It's amazing the connections we make through the DOC and how it continues expanding. Thanks for being a part of this community. Oh, but don't fool yourself – playing Ultimate Frisbee is AWESOME in itself. Roll on with your bad self.

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