Snapshot – Well kinda sorta


As our week of blogging comes to a close, I realized that things my vaguely be getting less and less interesting. I am getting prepared to escape and go on vacation my first real “day off” since September. With my job, even though I do get a “day off” a week. It never really seems to happen for me. My own damn fault. So yeah. We only have two pictures right now. I may add a third later in the day if I remember. Along with vacation tomorrow, which I will talk about my travel experience and airport if I can. But also leading a Youth Retreat this weekend, so I am all over the place.

The two pictures we have right now are of my packing supplies for a week.

(what we see here is even though I will have a new infusion set in for tomorrow and am gone till Friday, I have a 12 day supply of stuff. Basically in the ziploc bag we have the supplies that come in my carry on, and on the bed everything else I pack in my suitcase)
I know I shouldn’t separate everything, but well I like to travel with a small carry on and not have it be over filled. So either way I am covered for a few days.

In the next image we see my reliable meter and the supply of strips I have used in the course of a two day period of time or roughly, I just emptied the case since I just filled the strip container.

(You can also see one of my many med-alerts. Now some explanation of the picture, the lancets while colorful are just for decoration. I have yet to hit that supply. The meter is the USB Contour, which I love. I am sure you may be going but wait Brian that is a One Touch Strip case. Yeah it is. The meter case for the Contour I did not like, the outside pocket sealed horizontally, so I could not really store my back up insulin and syringes in there, but the case for the One Touch Mini or whatever I did still have worked for what I needed. So I switched out the cases, but the strip container did not fit/work with the case, so I put the strips in the One Touch case when it is empty and take the used strips scattered everywhere and stuff them in to the now empty case and toss)

So yeah, these are my pictures for now. Oh wait I did find in my archives my pump, Blue.

This is when I just him as he replaced Murph, who died. Oh well. So I lied, there may be a fourth picture. See what happens when i get distracted.
Either way, vacation tomorrow, I am excited, me, myself, and I in San Francisco all by myself, playing tourist!!! Woo!


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