Whoops and Oww

So, in my life I do many fun things. I run, I bike, I read, I play video games. I get Sarcastic, I harass people(all in good fun), I am funny, but only when I don’t have to think about it. If you ask me to be funny, well you are asking for a waste of your time, because it is not going to happen. It is all spur of the moment. I work, I work, I sleep, I say mass, I go visit sick people, I say funerals. I have fun. I am a normal person(again normal is as normal does I guess).
I also am a person with type-1 diabetes, which can sometimes inhibit life. I try not to let it. Yesterday, I had a whole bunch of fun planned. Go to movies on day off, go to store, go play ultimate frisbee in my summer league. All went according to plan mostly. My sugar was all over the place in the low zone. Which was not good. On my drive home before frisbee I felt the panic set in. I felt the low coming and since I just bought a new car (Buster), I did not have him fully stocked with my normal low stuff. I pulled the other stuff from my other car and deemed some of it old, some of it melty, and some of it just not fun any more.
So I said Brian you have 5 miles to go, you can do this. Concentrate, windows open, eyes alert, and just drive. I made it home, and ingested juice and stuff, before sitting down and conking for 5 minutes (damn that was close). Today I am filling Buster up with non-meltable food products and probably some glucose tabs. Even though I hate them, they just don’t go bad.

That’s weird the picture I had would not upload….. please hold while I try that again

That was weird. Anywho, didn’t know they made watermelon. I may have to look into that flavor. So yeah, that was that.
I rested up and went to play Ultimate Frisbee. So much fun. I really love the game. Granted the needs of a person with pump and Dexcom make the game play more interesting. I recently moved my infusion site back to my right upper arm after some side time, to give it a break. Forgetting the issues with hangy tubing. That was something I needed to be really conscious of as my sugars were highish after my earlier issue. I also packed my pump into my Under Armor spandex undershorts with internal pockets so that way I would not accidentally lose my pump (could I have taken it off, yes, but well I don’t do that normally). I really need to figure out the intricacies of sports and my pump. I haven’t had much luck on the sugar front.
So anywho, the game starts, the play is tough, yet we are having so much fun. I am running and playing and just well doing what I need to do. Near the end of the game one of my team mates over throws the disc and I go to chase it down. I realize as I am going that the only possibility I may have of actually catching the disc is I am going to have to slide. So I do slide, on my right side. It is a spectacular slide, my was a fun slide. It was a pump slide. Yeah, that’s right I slid on my pump oh and I did not make the catch. I know with the build up it seemed like I was going to have this awesome game winning slide or something, but it was a fail. The disc was just to far out of my reach to keep it in bounds even with the slide. Sigh, so I missed the disc, have grass stains all over my my shorts, scrapes on my arm, and I nice happy pump shaped black and blue on my leg. Sometimes I do not like my pump. But hey, what can I do. I need it and it does good things, more or less.


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