It’s time for a Friday song (not the Friday song)

So this morning I was excited about something that doesn’t happen to often for me. It was an unplanned free shower. Today, I was planning on changing my infusion set, but I knew I had until Monday for my Sensor to hit a either try to get a third time out of it or take off and try again. So Monday was going to be my free shower day. Yesterday with the heat, humidity, and stuff my sensor site started to itch a little and this morning, while I may have gotten a few more days from the adhesive, I had more tape than original stuck on me. So I figured 11 days, not so bad with the sensor and heck I can shower without fear.

This leads to my song, I started just singing my head, over and over “free shower, free shower” at 6:00 am, I am not all that creative. Anywho, I ended up getting the song “Free Falling” from Tom Petty stuck in my head. This evolved to me rewriting the lyrics a bit for my “free shower”. Anyway, I am thinking of submitting the lyrics to Blunt Lancet. I haven’t written a full version of the song, but well here are the lyrics. I was tempted to make a “music video”, but well I am not that brave yet and my graphic skills were not working out so hot for me this morning. Maybe one day, when I get my tech sorted out.

He’s a good boy wearing his pump.

He’s a good boy with his Dexcom on.

He’s a good boy to control his sugar.

Uses them both, to control it too.

There are some days when the drive him crazy.

There are some days when he wants them off.

Yet most days they are both attached,

To him when he begins his morn.

Today He’s free, free showering.

Yes He’s free, free showering.

No more infusion sets on him

No more Dexcom on his arm.

Nothing there when he showers

His skin is, nice and free.

‘Cause he’s free, free showering.

Yes he’s free, free showering.

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