It’s kinda funny, after Friday’s song day, it really got me thinking. How many bad songs I can make up? The answer, is apparently to many. Mind you I haven’t written any other covers of songs yet. However, there are a few bouncing around in my head. It was really entertaining to tell you the truth. I mean, I wonder how many d-related covers I can honestly come up with. I am very much tempted to make this a normal thing.
Yet, who knows. My motivation goes up and down and schtuff, but it could be fun. It could be my own Assignment America, you know back in the days from America’s Funniest Home Videos… Damn I loved that show. Anyway, Friday, I hope to have another song done. One has been dancing around in my head for a few days. I listened to the original last night and have covered the refrain already, it is just getting verses to fit into it now.
If you have any song suggestions, feel free to let me know and I may think about it. If nothing else it could be fun to try.
Aside from “song” writing my next endeavor is covered by all things pump and stuff related. A few weeks back my Ping Clip hit a small hiccup and died. I still have no idea what happened or why my pump will no longer hold the clip. I mean it still works, but it won’t catch in the housing of the pump. I am a pocketer by trade so no clip really doesn’t affect me. Yet, sleeping and stuff, that is where my clip pulls its weight, so to speak. So I finally ordered one last week.
That being said, I also started my quest to find some sort of bag or something for my supplies. The test kit bag is nice, but I would really like something small and compact that is just a little classier. I know there are bags, clutches, and stuff out for ladies which are kinda cool. But apparently in the male category not so much. So I have been searching online for stuff. If anyone knows of something let me know. If nothing else I need to find a better way to carry my stuff than in the 5 year old non-zipping gallon Ziploc bag, that is my supply travel bag currently. I will post the picture of that poor guy when I wander back over to my room and get pictures of it. The poor thing is well beyond it’s last legs.


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