More Travel Coming

So as I sit here I am quite happy about a few things. With summer my work has slowed down immensely. I mean how else on a Wednesday afternoon can I feel no guilt about leaving my office and going to the movies. Yesterday, I gutted my room and emptied three trash bags worth of clutter from my room. That was awesome, so that is good. Next week I head to Florida for Friends for Life, and get to meet some awesome people, plus go to Disney World and maybe slip away and go to Universal Studios too and do that. So that is awesome.
Monday, I mentioned my need for a new bag for my supplies as I wander about the lands. In the past, I have used my Nike bag, but that gets cluttered and the strings eventually will cut into me as I wander theme parks. So I needed something else. I put out a call to a few people, with little success. Although, Kimmy over at Texting my pancreas, suggested I rock the fanny pack. Jerk. My coolness can’t cancel the dorkiness of the Fanny Pack. So I kept looking.
I mean my ratty supply bag needs to go somewhere.

So I was like what am I going to do with this. Yesterday I was at Target and I found an amazing bag, it is a mini messenger bag. Granted it is almost like a small purse, it is called a messenger, so I will be rocking it next week.

It has a thin profile enough for my test kit, if I choose to keep the kit as a whole or pockets enough for kit, lancer, strips, emergency insulin and syringes, plus back up tubing. I can also hide a bottle of water, some granola bars, etc all in the bag. And it is small and all. So lets see how this puppy works out.
Also, in the mail I got my replacement pump clip. I think I mentioned at some point it died on me. The directions sheet cracked me up. I mean, it would seem intuitive how to use a replacement clip, but this is the sheet I got with the clip.

Yes, it is bigger than my laptop and needed three push pins to hang up over my desk. Oh and don’t you love my Stitch card. I so can’t wait for next week. Anywho, that’s all I got.
And again thank you Kim for my supposed Fanny Pack idea. Jerk.


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