Another Friday, another song, but so not finished

I have no idea where today went. All week, I had plans of this awesome set of song lyrics in my head. I listened to the song, made mental notes (forgot mental notes), and well yeah. This morning started great. But I got busy fast. I had Communion calls to make, things to do, checkbooks to balance before Monday (somehow my one checking account was all out of sorts and it took me an hour to figure out that I entered two receipts in twice on different dates, it took forever so my day vanished fast.) Anyway, I worked on the song I was supposed to be but at 8:00 at night not in the morning. So it needs some big work.
Anyway, I wrote this parody of Poker Face, I am calling it poke your hand, as in when I was little and my parents kept asking what my sugar was when I was moody or actually low.

Poke Your Hand

I want to know what your blood sugar is right not,
know it cause your mood makes me think it is low.
I want to know it.
Look at the screen and tell it to me please.
And after you have done it, you can go back to your game.
Ouch, owww, ow, oww.
Ouch, owww, ow, oww
It really hurts, it really really does.
Poke your hand, poke your hand, your sugar, what is it now?
Poke your hand, poke your hand, what is your sugar now?
My sugar is… my sugar is… my sugar is… I’m not telling you. 
Anywho, this is all I got. I am going to veg. now and enjoy the Subway Series.

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