So I am chilling at gate C71 at the airport waiting for my flight to Orlando. I have so much time because I worry when I travel and want to make sure there are no security issues and all. For me it is how to get through security without my cgm setting things off. Today was a fail once again. Sigh.
I am used to it though. I mean I could forgo the cgm for the day but why waste my money on the cgm taking out early? The people who go through security are always nice. Apologetic even.
The guy I had today asked if I had done this before and if I knew what was to expect? I said ya and it took 5 minutes tops to go through it all. We chatted weather, travel, and apparently a pump he ran into last week that he claims was in the guys leg.  He said it was below the skin so I was not sure what he was talking about but all is good.
I can chill, get more iced coffee since it will be the last Dunkin for a bit unless I wander off site. I am so psyched to meet some of these people that until now have just been blogs or Facebook friends. Can’t wait to see y’all (yes I say y’all and I am from the north. No clue where that comes from.) Oh, and of course the conference and Mickey too!!!


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