Guilty as charged

So I am going to honestly admit that I haven’t even thought about what to post or say post Friends For Life 2011. I came home Sunday completely exhausted and went and played ultimate frisbee which was awesome. I followed that by crashing and sleeping in my bed to dive right into life in the real world. I have concluded that it is just not as much fun. Visits to hospital today. E-mail. People to call. All just waiting for me. It was good but yeah.
I managed to actually download pictures from then trip and began to sort them and upload all of them. But that is it. I had more work stuff to do and am currently in my bed already for bed, all the while reaching twitter and just missing all the fun I had. It is amazing how much this trip made me think about tongs and stuff I have been ignoring and just meeting the awesomest group of people. Kim and Jess. Carrie and Caleb. Scott and Scott. Courtney and Jacquie. And so many others. Awesome. More to follow another day. I am off tomorrow so most likely Wednesday. Woot.


3 thoughts on “Guilty as charged

  1. i am SO HAPPY you were there! i don't know what to post either. and it's hard to go back to the real world. i much prefer our diabetes bubble!

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