No Music Today

Today is a fail in my eyes.
I have no song and I can hear the cries.
I am so tired, since I couldn’t sleep.
The song part of my brain is not making a peep.

Yeah, sorry that is all I have as of right now. I have the music in my head, I just can’t think of anything. Well, truthfully I am just really busy. My boss has been away the past two weeks and I am now the “responsible” one in charge of things. Can I handle it? Well the normal stuff yes. Not the maintenance man jumping from shifting scaffolding and breaking his femur. The multiple funerals and other things that seem to only come in when the boss is away. The list of things keeps going on. Yet all is good. I just need sleep and when the boss comes back on Sunday I am all about laziness.

I mean there are some positives out there and I am not speaking about the 100+ heat outside right now. I have had a chance to think about things. Like last night, when I was trying to sleep. It finally happened around 3:00 AM. I thought about changes in life, in what I should be blogging about things like that. I decided to blog about some FFL Swag next week. I just need to speak to the proper people about certain things. I thought about maybe, what I can do to tweak my blog in general. Pictures, maybe a new look, who knows.

But truthfully last night, I thought about how lucky I am and how lucky so many of us are. To have some many friends out in the DOC is amazing. To have met them just a few weeks ago, was awesome. I mean before meeting them my involvement was in the inner/outer fringes of things. Twitter was the sound that birds made. Tweet was the same. I mean I have had twitter but never the need to deal with it or really use it. That changed.

I have names, I have faces, I have friends who understand. I know they can be forgiving, yet mocking of auto-correct typos. Yes, I am talking to you #complexcrabs. They make me laugh when I need it. I am so glad to have my own office and desk. Because some days the stuff these people say kill me. I mean, in tears laughing my ass off. I have support that I never knew of. Yes, I have a great endo. I have a really good friend who is a PWD, but never anyone to really, really talk to. I have the inspiration to get more involved. Granted, the “Great Poison Ice Cream Scandal” is something I am yet willing to wade into. That is more because the nicest thing in my vocabulary at this point is asshat. So I think I will let coolerish heads prevail.

I have the support I need when I need it, which is something that has been lacking in my life. All of this is stuff I thought about last night, while trying to sleep. And while yes I told Kimpants (auto-correct renames her Implants) I tried to read her blog to fall asleep last night. That is not true. I have people who I can just say words to and know they understand. I have a knowledge base about certain things and ideals out there. I mean thanks to Sara, I now know how to make my Dexcom last longer than it ever could. Thanks to people like Kim, C, Jess, Jacquie, Scott, Scott, Martin, Heather, Karen, George, Kerri, I have a way to laugh all the time. I mean this is only the beginning. There are others out there I may have forgotten. Lorraine and Shay. The coolest Type Awesome Josh and Becca the T9. OMG so many. This is so great and wonderful. I am so blessed and lucky right now.

It’s a wonder with all of these thoughts racing through my head, why I couldn’t sleep last night. Thank you guys, you rock. And yeah Halloween with real candy is so on.

Again, thank you all. You have passed on more than you know and I hope I too can emulate you on some levels. Just not the in love with Sam Talbot that C and Jacquie and Sara were toting. That is all you girls… :-p


6 thoughts on “No Music Today

  1. Great post, Brian. It's awesome having the DOC spawn friendships and support – sometimes in ways we never knew we needed.But a causality would be work and sleep time going be bye, or the way of the birds… OR…Now I've got birds and songs tweeting in my head. Great. TGIF.Thanks for sharing here!

  2. aw, this is so sweet! you rock, brian. sometimes having all this support is almost overwhelming. and truly life changing.hope you get some rest soon, my friend!

  3. We are so so lucky you were able to come to FFL – there would have been a huge gap there without you. After all, who would've put up with all my Thunder Mountain screaming? (Although really, I didn't scream THAT much . . . ) 😉 Pete and I are always up for a road-trip – especially at Halloween!!

  4. I think/hope we all have people in our lives who support us and really try to understand, but it can't compare to being in a group where everyone really does get it. Powerful stuff. And I am so grateful to call you my friend.Becca would say something similar if she could talk.

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