They are only numbers

I preface this comment with my saying, this is not a less than subtle attempt to get added adoration and birthday wishes from all of my fan out there. Because, well it isn’t.

30 is a number just like any number. Until you actually hit it. I mean, it’s nothing to big, but people seemed to make a big deal of it. So I was all weirded, worried, crazed about the fact that I was turning 30 yesterday. And you know what. Nothing happened. I didn’t turn into a piece of bacon. I didn’t see any unicorns. I didn’t turn “old”. Nothing. Why??

Well, 30 is just that a number. It is between 29 and 31. It is small, infinitesimal. It is just a number. Yet people get worked up about it. Same as those who get worked up about turning 40, 50, 60. Just numbers. And you can deal with it. (Almost said you can do this, but that is someone else’s schtick.) I mean, yes some mornings I wake up feeling older than a 16 year old. But you know what I am. THIRTY is just a number.

One of the kids in my Youth Group made a comment to me yesterday on Facebook, Happy Birthday…. Since you have seen so many of them. To which I responded. “Yes, yes I have. But I also can drive past 11:00.” There are so many things I can do, that in the past I wasn’t much able to do. Drive, drink, buy cigarettes (not that I ever smoked.), buy adult movies(not that I ever would.), vote, make my own decisions. All fun things, all great stuff. And you know what 30 is only a number.

But that got me thinking, since it is only a number. Why worry? Why sweat the small stuff. In a birthday wish from Jess, she said “Wishing you happy bgs all day long! :)” That was an awesome wish from her. And the numbers were pretty sweet… I mean awesome. Shouldn’t say sweet ’cause that might make me forget about moderation or turn me into a sugarholic or something…. Wait where was I? Oh yes, a different type of number. The sugar numbers, the blood glucose numbers. The numbers that actually are important.

Well I mean yes they are important, but no they truly aren’t. Yesterday I ate a cupcake my sugar spiked, but I also bolused so my sugar evened out. I had some chips, so my reading went up, but I also bolused so my number went down. I over swagged, so my number went down. So I ate a cookie (OMG yummy). Yet each time I saw a different number. I didn’t sweat it as it was only a number. I mean I like my numbers to stay somewhere between 80 and 125. But if they are not there I can fix it. I can balance it out. All is good.

It is only a number, an important number for us. But again only a number. If you end up getting a 210 on your meter. You know what to do. Bolus based upon what you know you need or your pump tells you. Check your infusion site if you have a pump. You know what to do. If you are low, you drink OJ, eat a glucose tab. Ingest a cupcake. It doesn’t matter. You know what you need to do. I am not perfect, my numbers are not perfect. I swag and fail. I count my carbs and fail. I get attacked by #complexcrabs. It happens. But I move on. I need to.

I know I can’t dwell on the number. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. But I can try again. Numbers are important at times, but again they are only a number. What you do with them does matter. How you live your life and not let them rule your life is what matters. You Can Do This. Damn, I did it anyway!!


One thought on “They are only numbers

  1. you already know how much i love this, but i'm going to comment anyway.i truly love this post, friend. it's quite brilliant and profound. it is just a number.and happy birthday again! 🙂

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