Doctor Visit

Today’s post is really short. I mean like Sara short…. I mean, uhhh crap.

I went to the Endocrinologist for my 4 month check up. It still cracks me up, that unless I really have any major concerns, my average appointment length is more than half as long as it takes me to get to see my doctor. But I am not complaining, Dr. Kissin is a really great lady and very easy to talk to when needed.

Here’s the run down.

Standard Greeting/ Response
Any blood work?? Oh, here’s the file.
Everything looks good.
Here’s the stuff from Beepy and my meter.
Any changes to your pump/basal settings?
Okay, lets hop on the scale…..
(They always set the starting weight so low, apparently I truly don’t look my weight).
Hmm… You’ve gained about 10 pounds. (Crap!)
Alright, lets check your breathing, pulse, blood pressure.
All’s good! (Woot.)
Let me see your feet.
Did you know your ankles swollen?? (What?!?! Well I’ll be damned, I mean it was sore and all.)
You should probably ice that. (I guess I shouldn’t play basketball tonight?)

Well you really need to get your eyes looked at… I will I just need to find someone in Clifton, who does that. I am not going to drive back to my other person. Fine, fine.

Any prescription refills? One Touch Delica, okay no problem. Your all set. Have a good day.

15 minutes tops. I love it. I mean, I know that when/if I have issues she will talk to me more. We spoke about the Ketone Meter and everything, so it was all good.

Now I am going to post a picture of what my a1c was. If you want to look at it scroll further. If you don’t, stop here. Today was a decent day, other than the 10lbs. Need to get back on a routine. Only 25 more days to the Outer Banks.


5 thoughts on “Doctor Visit

  1. Wow wow wow!!!! Although now that mine has been running under 6, my endo always asks if I'm having too many lows. Does yours ask that? I was a bit frustrated because I feel like I worked so hard to conquer the highs and get my A1C down, and now I have to worry about the lows! LOL Anyway, good job – and go get those eyes checked!! 😉

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