Dear Irony

Dear Irony,
You are so not funny. No matter when you sneak into my room. I just don’t care for your sense of humor. Just because last week I mentioned night time lows does not mean you had to slip in on my last night. Yes I know it’s all my fault. I did eat the Apple Compote (or however the hell you spell it) on my own. Yes I had to swag it since I really had no clue how to figure that yumminess out. But did you have to smack me in the face at 3:45 in the morning?? So not cool.
You know what else is not cool, the panic trying to figure out what time it is, just so I didn’t over sleep. The unbearable lack of any coherent body movement as I tried to reach the 50 count bottle of Wild Berry Dex 4 Tablets. The fact that I downed more than I needed, but just wanted it to end. My room was cold enough and now that I am drenched in sweat, frikin freezing. Come on I don’t have a Mr. Bigglesworth. So not cool.
That was this morning. Thankfully I survived, but you just let the irony continue. I mean it is 2:00 in the afternoon. I have had coffee, breakfast, lunch, and brushed my teeth, yet I still taste glucose tab in my mouth. What the fructose is up with that? I had to go and buy more glucose tabs, but thanks to sleuthy Jess over at Me and D I found out that Walgreens has been selling the new Dex 4 Naturals even though they do not show up on the Dex4 Website. Weird.

I got a free bottle of these when I was at this years Friends for Life. They are pretty good in the glucose tab department. Not as much after taste, which I am/was hoping for. So now I have 100 of these bad boys in two different locations. But still, Irony why??
The good news was once I recovered some functionality of my body I was smart about it. I got up, I moved around and stretched a little. I took some Advil since I knew I was going to be sore and have a headache. I bolused lightly to keep the glucoaster in check as much as possible. I topped out at 186 this morning. So yeah, its all good. I just hate it. The lows, the fact that even though Beepy is next to my ear and beeping and vibrating up a storm I sleep through it. The fact that I still haven’t figured out what to do if an even worse low hits. That’s my own stupid pride. I will get to it one day.
Dear Irony, you taught me a lesson. Go home and take this bloody glucose tab taste out of my mouth!


2 thoughts on “Dear Irony

  1. dude, you need to let me know when i get a shout out! i wasn't ignoring you, i promise! glad to help you find your glucose. sorry they decided to stick with you all day.

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