The no DDay… The NO D day …. tHe nO "d" Day

Georgie Porgie, AKA Ninjabetic ( I want to be a ninja) proclaimed today to be no D day (still not sure how to list this title). The premise from his page is…. “October 7th is “No D-Day” and it means we spend one day not writing about, tweeting about, and Facebook status-ing about Diabetes!”
I thought it was kinda awesome and cool. Granted I don’t FB normally about D and twitter and I, while we do get along, I sometimes forget about him/her/it. So that was fine. Blogging is an inspirational thing. Friday Blogs are not always a gaurantee, but I figured ah what the fructose and said to myself, “self lets think about something to post about.” So that’s what I did. I thought and thought, picture Winnie the Pooh tapping his head saying, “think, think, think.” And finally I did come up with something.

I like to think I am a pretty organized person. Relatively tidy, a place for stuff and it usually ends up there. Key word being usually. Monday night after a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee, I came back to my room. I took of my sneakers, put my cleats down and notice something.

A bloody shoe convention

WTF?? How did this happen. Half of my shoes escaped from my closet which is two shoes away… (test, test, is this thing on?) and were all gathered to play with each other.

So I thought to myself, Brian you need to do something about this otherwise you will kill yourself when you get out of bed in the morning. So I took the time gathered each pair lovingly and put them back into the closet.  All’s good or so I thought…..

Tuesday is my one day off a week. I love Tuesday, I sleep in, make me some breakfast, maybe hit up a movie. Who knows what I will do. It is just a good day. I wandered back into my rooms circa 2:00 napped, went for a run. Sat down on my chair and found this staring at me….

I know I put you away

Today’s shoes having another convention in my “living room”. I just don’t get it. I know I put you away. Later in the day apparently the Flip Flops made it into the mix, not on purpose but I was to amused to take a picture.
Some people apparently have shoe/foot fetishes or something like that. I apparently have this urge to liberate my shoes all over my room and hope that they don’t kill me. They have come close and I am pretty sure it’s a conspiracy, but I just can’t prove it. If you find out that I am dead and the cause is blunt trauma to the head just assume I tripped over a pair of my liberated shoes!


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