Guilty as charged

So last week I was having a very interesting, slightly snarcky conversation with Sara. I love Sara, she is an amazing person.

Sara makes me laugh. 
Sara makes me cry.
Sara wakes me up, even when I have gone beddy bye.
(New Paragraph)Have you noticed all my linking to Sara’s name?? I am sure you have. And I am sure you may be wondering why. Well last week Sara called me out so to speak. She called me a “lazy blogger” and I think at one point she also called me a man. I would hope that I was a man, I mean that’s what the bits and pieces tell me. But yeah, so I am trying to make peace with my laziness. 
(New Paragraph) Did I ever mention I was sarcastic?? ‘Cause I am sure Kim, C, Jess, Kerri, or Sara could tell you this. Why though am I doing this? Well it started out during a Google hangout, after being woken up by a text from Jess. There was concern that I was in trouble, since I tweeted that I was low and never tweeted after that. That is true, but well I tweet sometimes, not always. I haven’t incorporated Twitter into my life as of yet. Anyway, I guess in my last post I mentioned people and didn’t actually tag them. Guilty as charged, but it has nothing to do with laziness, maybe more of time constraints and also the fact that 99% of you who read me, link from people I reference. So sometimes I may mention someone who is “famous” in the DOC and assume you know them. Maybe that is wrong. Maybe I should always link to them. Yet again if I say Kim or Kerri, I am sure you know who these people are.
(New Paragraph) So yeah, that is why I am guilty. The other complaint made was as a guy I don’t mark my paragraphs. Well if Blogger would let me tab my marker that would be fine. 90% of my posts you can figure out where the new paragraph starts, but again apparently I don’t know how to use paragraphs. So I guess now I need to make an extra special effort to split up my thoughts and lines, just in case you really needed to know where my paragraphs ended. I will do my best. I apologize for the confusion. I really hope Sara is in a good mood when she sees this or I may get it tomorrow. (This post was written on Wednesday afternoon in a moment of total laziness and sarcasm.) Oh and apparently I may sometimes forget to close my (   ), that is all me. 

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