So for those of you who have yet to figure this out. I am a sarcastic person. Well sarcastic may not be the exact proper word for who or what I am, but it is the answer that I am going to go with today. defines Sarcasm as: harsh or bitter derision or irony or a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark. Yeah, that is me in a nutshell, but not so much. Apparently the quote, “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.” has been attributed to Oscar Wilde, but there is no written evidence of this either. Again, this is me, but I don’t think so. 

Sarcasm is a venue in which what we want to say can be said in such a way that others can relate and see what we mean. ???…??? Brian, what the hell did you just say? Exactly. Sarcasm is just that, something said. Normally no ill will is meant, yet it may appear to be. Yesterday, my post may have been a little sarcastic. It may have been directed at the expense of my friend, I think Sara. Ooh, Sara, look I linked to you on Twitter not just your blog! Drat. There I go again. Sarcasm for me is part of who I am. It is normally not meant to be offensive. It is not a defense mechanism, as it once was. It takes just as much work to be sarcastic as it does to refine every other bit of humor. 

I mean honestly, sarcasm can be hurtful. Yes, yes it can. So can jokes about someone. Sarcasm can be blunt. So can my fist. Sarcasm can be critical, so can a comment such as “you’re fat” or  “What the heck did you do to your hair”. Sarcasm can be many of these things. Yet it can also be who we are. It can be a way to make light of a situation. “Dude, I’m sorry you have diabetes. It must suck that you can’t have sugar and such.” “I can’t have sugar??!!!?!?!?! Oh chips and pringles. I’m gonna die!” “Can you eat cookies will they kill you?” “Normal cookies no, poison cookies, yes.” It is a means of conveying a point without brutally ripping someone apart. We all have had that moment of “… did you really just say that? How do I do this nicely or not so nicely?” I believe Kelly refers to is as sometimes flipping the bitch switch. Sometimes we reply nicely, sometimes we don’t. It doesn’t mean we hate you or truly mean to hurt your feelings. Yet sometimes when someone says something so unbelievable we move past sarcasm and may rip into you. See #takethatwendell.

I don’t normally go that far. For me sarcasm is just who I am. I have told people (Kerri) and others in the past. “If I don’t make fun of you or if I ignore you completely. That is how you know I don’t like you” So maybe I was sarcastic yesterday, but not to be mean. I love most if not all of my DOCers. I am who I am. I am unique. I am a diabetic. I am sarcastic. Deal with it. Know me, love me, hate me. Whatever, I don’t care. 

(As to where this idea or post came from. I don’t know. Guilt, sleep deprivation. An attempt to have another post. Who knows. Not me, not you, not anyone. Enjoy it or hate it.)


2 thoughts on “Sarcasm

  1. sarcastic, you are. but here's the thing- i know you're just a big fluffball under there, with a huge heart. and i count myself lucky to have you for a friend.not that you aren't annoying sometimes… 😉

  2. I've made similar statements to people. If I don't care about you I won't take any time or effort with you. If I like you, I'll throw a good jab or two in your direction. I tease to show I love.And you are annoying sometimes.

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