Laughter is so much better than insulin

Continuing on my random theme of being me the posts from Thursday(Wednesday night), Friday, and today all kinda are tied together in the big picture. I am not a funny person by nature. Maybe funny looking, but my humor in all of its glory has taken me years to develop. Yet, I would not change it in the least. Yes, my sarcasm is varied, it can be funny, it can be critical, it can be judgmental. It can be all of the above, but it is part of what makes me, well me.

My jokes, suck 98% of the time, they are corny, I mean like I should be from Iowa or Nebraska or something corny. Yet, the thing is that people will laugh at them. Not the sympathetic or just plain pathetic laughter. Instead the get a chuckle out of the stupidity of what was just said. Why though? I mean I know my jokes are horrible, yet people laugh at them. Two reasons actually, 1.) I laugh at my jokes first so people feel they need to, in fact sometimes I think it is my reaction to my jokes that causes people to laugh at them. 2.) Timing. It is all in the timing. There is a joke about two comedians discussing what makes a joke funny. I wish I could record it and or tell it, but the one comedian answers with timing, at an awkward moment. More so, it is kinda like the the knock, knock joke:

Knock, Knock!
Who’s there?
Interrupting cow!
Interrupting cow (MOOOOO) who?……

If you mistime that joke it crashes and burns faster than a run kills my sugars. So yeah, humor is key. Laughter is important. I can be serious, but I would much rather be goofy. My friends, family, and other people tell me how strange it is how I can turn it on and off right before mass, I am a total goof somedays, yet once the music starts, FR. BRIAN wanders out not Fr. Brian. But truly humor is so important.

When I have a bad day I look for something funny or fun to do. It brings up my spirits but others as well. Maybe sometimes I do provoke people in my delivery or how I handle things, but me = not perfect. Yet I think humor is what gets me through my days. When I am happy it is a joy to share, when I am sad it keeps me happy. It keeps my spirits up. It keeps me going. If I had to give it up, not only would I have a busted pancreas but also a busted Brian (shoulda said brain, but Kerri gets confused sometimes and it is easier for her to not have to reverse the letters).

I don’t know, if I had the choice between a broken pancreas or a broken sense of humor. I don’t know what I would choose. I mean my insulin pump can keep me going, I don’t think there is such a thing as a laughter pump or anything like that. Without my humor I would not be who I am. Without having diabetes I know I would probably be someone different. The two things on some level go hand and hand and I am not sure I who I would have been without them. It’s weird. But oh well. I would most likely though, keep my humor. Otherwise, the pas two posts would not exist, especially the one from Thursdays. If that didn’t exist the comment I posted on Sara’s blog would not exist. If that comment (fifth one down) did not exist, I would not be getting tweets like this from Sara.

Sara you know I love you. (END)


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