Wordless Wednesdsay: Tied

I was exhausted last night getting ready for bed. I had just put my pump in my pocket so I could take off my belt and stuff. I was so tired I did not notice my had had gone through my excess tubing and I had tied myself to my pocket. I was also to tired to figure out how I did it. Yet I did have time to take a picture. Sigh. What an idiot.

(Added at 3:00 today. If you are curious I thought I would post a link to my other “tied” incidents with my pump, Murph, now Blue)


One thought on “Wordless Wednesdsay: Tied

  1. My high schooler woke up in the middle of the night to find her trumpet at her side. She knows that she put it away last night, but at some point she woke up, took it out of the case, and laid it on her bed. Guess she really loves her trumpet!

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