A Moment of Seriousness

Today is November 3, 2011. I know that because my calendar told me that. It is a good day, so we think about everything that is troubling us. ‘Cause that is some serious stuff. We evaluate it, think about it, dwell on it, and than guess what happens????

Sometimes we take things to seriously. Those moments of serious are fine. Yet at the same time we need those moments of sanity as well. The silliness, the stupidity, the attack from the #complexcrab. This one came in the mail from Sara. It was awesome. I haven’t eaten the Taffy yet though. I am trying to figure out if the true origin of #complexcrabs has ever been fully explained. It shows up in hashtags and random conversations but have the originators ever truly explained it. I know I referenced Kerri on this and her take on crabs. Yet the other story from the #FFL crew, don’t know if it was ever mentioned. The origin of the myth is like that of the Service Chicken or Service Penguin. An inside joke that was never truly made known to the public.

(New Paragraph) Sorry old habits die hard. The seriousness will always be there. I realize this. Life can be difficult. We reflect on the issues at hand. Yet we never know, when the #complexcrab will attack, complete with #rosespit (another story, another day). We embrace it, run with it. Find the humor and move on. Don’t dwell on it to much.


3 thoughts on “A Moment of Seriousness

  1. great post, brian. focusing on the humor rather than the dark and scary stuff definitely helps. it is important to talk about the dark and scary when we need to, but a balance is needed.also, i love that we have matching #complexcrabs now. 😉

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