Tremendous Tuesday: 100

So people get so excited about seeing the hundie BS. For those who are lost on the lingo. The perfect storm of Blood Sugar 100. I can’t seem to get it. My meter will give me anything and everything else. I have looked at the history for the past few weeks. 99, 87, 103, 125, 152, 208, 34, 47… The numbers go on and on and there is no bloody (haha, get it??) 100. So today is my 100th blog post. Which is awesome. Who would have thought that when I started this blog last February, that I would ever a.) keep this up, b.) do anything real with it, c.) keep this up (wait did I say that already?)

Hell I wasn’t even sure I could do it, but somehow I have. Things have been nice, they have been fun. I have learned a few things about blogging. Such as paragraphs, which I have always had, but someone did not believe me. I have gotten better at linking to other people. (Granted I forget to warn them they have been mentioned and linked to…. Oops.) But you get the gist.

Today I was going to celebrate and make this an awesome post, and showcase the number 100 from my meter, from Beepy McBeeperson. From something. Yet I failed. I can apparently do many things. I can bolus for pizza now (still sorting out rice), I have managed my gym routine better (when I go), and yet I can’t hit my perfect storm. Well not my perfect storm. I kinda have a thing for the number 99, but 100 is what people love to post about. Well sorry there is no awesome 100 to show you today. I mean if you want the 123 (I love that one too) from earlier today I could showcase that awesomeness, but no 100. No hundie not to be confused with undie (Kerri I am talking to you, and you know why!) For everyone else don’t go dirty on that comment leave it to herself to have a field day with that.

So today’s tremendous, today’s awesome is my 100th blog post. 101 will be a cool picture of a picture, 102 will be a story that I have been sitting on. I thought that would be the bam 100, but well today is tremendous and the story is great, but is not the definition of the day. Wow that was a weird downer in my head, sorry if it seemed like it to you. Anyway, I hope your day was as tremendous as mine was, cause that would be awesome to hear. If not keep looking for the joy you need for the day.

Peace, love, unicorns, and sugar free gum!!!


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