Moving On

This just a small update for you all. Over the past two weeks, since returning from FFL12, I have been slowly moving my blog and stuff to a new site/address. I am really excited about this, yet kinda annoyed. The web address I had wanted disappeared on me. I find that to be quite weird how I can verify its existence one day and the next day it just “happens” to be “taken”. I had my eye on that domain for over two months now.

That being said, I am still putting some of the finishing touches on my new home. I just figured you should all know, at some point next week I will be posting a “closed” sign on this blog. I am not closing it, but there will be no new updates. All of my previous posts will be on both this blog and the new one. However, all new posts will start only showing up at the new home. I just remind you if you have me bookmarked/linked to correct the address when it shows up next week. I will eventually turn auto-forwarding to the new domain on as well. However, if anyone had linked to one of my posts previously the auto-forward may not actually get one to that link on the new site.

Anyway, get excited for the new changes. I am! Yeah for my own domain. Who thought I would ever want to do that?

Love you all!

Oh and for a good time, go to any of Kerri’s or Sara’s You Tube video’s and click on the button for a chat transcript. The “errors” or mishearing of the software is priceless.


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