Just Another Birthday

This post has nothing to do with this song by Casting Crowns, but I love the message and tone of this song, so I am linking you to it anyway. A few things. Welcome to my new home. I am excited to have things slowly getting setup over here. The good news is that all of your old links to my page will exist over on blogger still. I am not closing that page down. Eventually I will just redirect people here automatically. If you have me in your blog roll, sorry, but you may have to change the address. I know a few of you were just updating them too, but I wasn’t ready to give the new address out. Anyway, the link to my blog notmycellphone.com is good now. (Sadly I waited to long for the address I wanted. I swear someone bought it out of spite or something.) Anyway, welcome.

Last week, I had my 4 month endo check up. Things were pretty good. We spoke about so many things, I forgot to ask her about the one main question I wanted to. The “emergency plan” for when and if my pump fails. I am an idiot some days. We did talk about pumps and she helped me make my decision, although I did come to realize she really doe not know alot about the various d-tech things out there. It was a little disappointing, I mean she hadn’t heard of Tandem she technically kinda knew what the Meter Remote for the Ping did, but I am thinking she had it kinda confused with the Omnipod PDA. Granted, I realize she has their onsite Nurse Practitioner who handles this stuff more.

Anyway, before my appointment, I had a very horribleish thought and it was agreed with by Sara. Earlier in the day, I was getting ready to celebrate mass, the person who was one of my Eucharistic Minister came up to me and told me she would not be recieving communion as she was fasting for blood work. They needed to do a second blood test to verify her a1c. At the last blood check it was X and her doctor was concerned she could be pre-diabetes or at that stage already. When she said the number though, my first thought was, “Mines lower.” I know seriously, what an ass thought. I don’t even know why I thought that. I mean I have spoken before about the a1c and bgs’ truly only being numbers. I don’t care anymore. I mean I like to know where I stand and after my appointment on Friday, I do know where I stand. I stand where I usually do, but more aware of certain things as well. But I am still mad at myself for that thought, so I did confess it to Sara and her response was: “Oh Brian!” I responded “I know I am horrible.” Sara: “A little bit ;)” I don’t know what to say other than my bad. I guess. I will have to try harder to clean my own thoughts sometimes about things out of my head. How can I help others learn if I am still trying to sort that stuff out?
Lastly, going back to the whole number thing gets me in a weird state. The actual topic of that blog post was my turning 30 last year. Well it has been a year and I am now 31. I am fine with the number, but I truly have to say Facebook was ruined my birthday for me. Why?

It seems petty I know, out of those 167 posts I speak to maybe 20 of these people on a barely regular basis if even. Others like you may have only just found out it was my birthday, I don’t fault that. I received 4 phone calls, Mom, Grandmother, Katie, and Katey. Maybe 2 texts. I remember as a kid the phone calls, the cards, everything. Now it’s like oh it’s so and so’s birthday…. Thanks facebook. “Happy Birthday” or for the truly lazy “happy bday”. I’m sorry For most of those posts, there was no sincerity or even an attempt at truly wanting to wish someone a Happy Birthday, it has just become a thing to do online. I am not perfect and I am still working on trying to be better at this, but sending out an occasional card or a phone call or if I have to resort to a facebook wall. I try to go a little more. My brother in law at least wrote YADHTRIB YPPAH. That at least took some thought. It just seems on some level our own momentous occasions seem dwarfed because of our reliance on tech to bail us out of these things. Kimpants asked me how my birthday was, I kinda think she regretted it. She got a kinda grumpy half assed reply about my “fustrations” on birthdays with no explanations. Well Kim here it is.

I love the fact that people wished me a happy birthday, I could care less about that. It is just well me. I don’t know. Maybe I am tired, overwhelmed, overworked, or just mentally dealing with something I haven’t been able to process, actually that’s not true. I am annoyed about something else, but this is not the place to vent that annoyance and what happened at my birthday dinner. That could be why I am so anti-facebook birthday stuff. Sorry. I feel a little better here, but this was not originally where or the way I was thinking the debut post was going to be. Anyway, welcome to my new home. I promise to try to be less grumpy.


9 thoughts on “Just Another Birthday

  1. Dude, once you get into your thirties, birthdays suck, and you turn into a grumpy old man. It happens to the best of us. You also start to lose your hair if you haven’t lost it all already. At least you had that 30th year to be happy; be thankful.

    (Before I get chastised in the replies, this reply is 100% sarcastic. I figure you need as much sarcasm as you could get to get your new site to reach the level of sarcasm on the old blogger-hosted one! Congrats on the new site!)

  2. I have to say.. I did not wish you a happy birthday.
    I have mixed feelings on the whole FB bday thing. On one hand I like being able to check when some of my friends birthdays are but at the same time, I refuse to post mine. I do that to avoid all the birthday wishes from people I don’t know just because FB told them it was my birthday.
    I think you’re pretty awesome. 31, almost 2 years behind me, is nothing.

    I like the new site because the black background and white text on the old site would make me dizzy for awhile after reading your posts. 😀

  3. Congrats on the new site!

    Sorry your birthday wasn’t great. Mine is this month and I am hitting a new decade but I swear I will be 25 and holding for as long as I can pass as it. 😉 Every year I turn off my wall close to my birthday because I don’t want anyone who doesn’t actually remember my birthday, wish me a happy birthday because Facebook told them.

  4. Unless you are my BFF, I don’t wish you a happy birthday on Facebook for much the same reason you describe. You can’t talk to me in real life, you can’t pretend that you are my buddy on Facebook.

    I am sorry that so many of us were out of town/unavailable on your birthday. Maybe it’s payback for when you “ruined” mine 😛

    • Hey you still could have gone that weekend. I just would have gone a different one. 😦

      Not my fault, my job always wins, even when I want to be greedy. It would be hypocritical of me to do that.

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