“I won’t give up!”

I stumbled upon a song a few weeks ago. I have used it for a few different things over the past few weeks. Nothing blog related until now. Why? Let me put this simply, especially if you are just finding me. I am inherently lazy. Sometimes, I may write a couple blogs a week, sometime like last week, I did NOTHING! I have inner laziness that I just like to let play and have fun sometimes. I mean sometimes it is all good, other times it wins and I just get distracted by other things. At the end of the day, it is all good though. I mean it keeps people guessing about everything else. Even when I am going to write. Take for instance today, the only reason I have time midday to do write something down is due to the fact that my desktop is currently being replaced in the office so I am in a conference room playing, I mean working on my laptop. BAM, free time to play ketchup and mustard on a post and read other peoples posts.

Man, I really do have BSO (Bright Shiny Object) Syndrome. Where was I??

The song. Yeah the song. Wait what song?? Oh yeah, this one.

First of all, the song just sounds cool and while Jason Mraz is talking more about a relationship, it doesn’t really mention who the other person is. Boyfriend/Girlfriend, maybe family/friends, maybe us and God.

The line though that catches my attention is this part, “‘Cause even the stars they burn. Some even fall to the earth. We’ve got a lot to learn. God knows we’re worth it. No, I won’t give up.” Okay, I may have bolded the “God knows we’re worth it part.” Doesn’t matter though. In our life we all hit those rough patches. That time when we are angry, sad, worried, scared, overwhelmed, empty. It sucks, it is not fun. That period of aloneness or isolation does not make life fun. It just sucks monkey balls. (Weird phrase right? You shoulda heard some of the creative curses coming from the opposing team during Wednesday nights frisbee game. Those were impressive.)

The thing that really caught my attention when I played this song the first few hundred times, when I played the song for my youth group, I asked the same question. What does this song mean to you? Each time for me, depending upon what I am thinking about the answer was different and for each kid in the Youth Group, the answers were all different as well. The underlying message from them was always the same, “We are not alone” or the “We can’t give up.” Yet there is more at least for me. I mean the other day I was playing this song while I was out riding my bike. The only thing I thought of was man, today is pretty hot and my legs hurt. Yet I must keep riding on. I will not wimp out and call a friend for a rescue. As I am writing about this I was thinking about the fact that the other day I was venting to some friends and they just listened. That was great. It is good to event about things.

I mean we can wander to this blog post by Kim or this one by Sara about issues that people may have vented about and what can happen. Sometimes when it comes to diabetes the questions, the issues, the concerns that we are facing differ. The self consciousness, the angst, the fear, the embarrassment, can get to us. More so, the fear that nobody gets us. Yet almost every single time we voice our frustrations someone else is there to try to help pick us up. Even if they don’t get it completely. They want to help. Why?!?

“Because God knows were worth it.” We cannot give up or let fear/frustration hold us back. Instead we turn to others or reach out to others in their time of need. ‘Cause that’s how we roll. That is what is so unique about the DOC, the fact that we will try our hardest to not turn out backs on someone in need. We see a need and if I can’t meet that need, I mention it so and so who says something to _____ who passes the info to ______, who reaches out to that need. How great is that. Whether you agree with my belief and faith is one thing, but I hope you don’t doubt the last part. We are worth it. You are worth it. If I can help you I will, if I can’t help you I can ask someone else to. And if nothing else works I will send you weird corgi pictures or maybe some of my favorite damnyouautocorrects.


3 thoughts on ““I won’t give up!”

  1. y’know… although I don’t subscribe to religion I, this is a wonderful message and it’s so true. I mean “god knows we’re worth it” could be taken in a literal or figurative way. Like the way I say “oh my god” but yet I don’t really have a god.
    Right now, I’m going through a very difficult time in my life. I don’t have any one person I can turn to but through the bits and pieces that I have exposed, it’s been the DOC that has been there for me. almost immediately.
    (cripes, I hope this came out the way I had intended it to)

  2. Interesting perspective. I am a fixer by nature. I can’t handle seeing one of my friends hurting or struggling. So you are right, I will help someone in need and if I can’t I will find someone who will.

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