Pump Confusion

So almost a month ago now I mentioned the sadness of both the death of my pump Blue, but also the realization that I had no warranty and was feeling rushed into a decision I was not ready for. Hell emotionally I was a two year old being told to eat something I did not want to eat, with flailing arms ta’ boot. Yes I said ta’ boot. I was emphasizing my point not being a total idiot. Just an idiot.

So yeah my pump was dead and I had no clue what to do. I mean I had no warning the warranty was up, so how could I make an informed non-drool worthy decision on what to do about my pump. So what did I do? I panicked. Did I have an emergency plan? Technically yes, but I haven’t used it in years (I really need to talk to my endo about that, I meant to at my last appointment, but I was distracted by other things that day.) So what was I going to do, I think I first called Jess in a panic, she listened to my panic quite nicely. Jess is good like that. She advised me of two options. She had a friend/Animas pump rep in her area she could call for me if I was unsuccessful on the phone talking to Animas about temporary help. Jess also asked if I had spoken with Kerri? ’cause Kerri is the MAN WOMAN and knows people too. Cue panicked message to Kerri who calmly responded to me like I was a two year old and said everything would be okay and she would make a call or two if I needed it.

Thankfully, I did not need the help from Jess or Kerri, once I calmed down from noticing the death crack in Blue I tried to be more rational about things.

I spoke with my initial sales rep and told her my dilemma, not that I was seriously considering jumping pumps, just the fact I was really not ready to make a definitive choice on my insulin delivery method for the next four years. The representative was very understanding and helpful and said, while they normally did not do this, she would send out a loaner pump to use until I made my choice. (BONUS!!!!)

Anywho, meet Jake. Why Jake, honestly I have no bloody clue why I chose the name Jake. I just go with it it. I mean I had a car named Murph and Penny Quinn (Penguin get it??) my needing help has been long known and realized.

Jake has been pretty cool this past month, even though his battery is already dying. I guess that is something I have just gotten used to. It’s all good.

Anyway, once I got myself calm and sorted I started to really do my research into the pumps I was thinking about. Ping vs. t:Slim, I know Sara thought I was already decided upon what pump I wanted when I wrote that review on the t:slim a few weeks ago. I am not going to lie, so did I. I mean I found so many things that I liked about the pump and I was getting annoyed with the Ping. Why? Well it seemed overly loud and well was not a shiny and fun as the t:slim. Yet, I had to look past that and really see what I was looking for in a pump. CGM integration was key. I want a pocket back, it know it seems like an odd statement, but I don’t clip my pump to my belt normally and with a pump in one pocket and Beepy McBeeperson in the other pocket, inner pocket storage is at a premium. One of my favorite games to play with my friends is, who has the most in their pockets. I tend to win with: pump, dexcom, wallet, car keys, office keys, cell phone, pack of gum, glucose or some type of sugar, usually assorted notes to self, change that has fallen out of my dead wallet (note to self, need new wallet. I have a bunch of stuff in those two pockets.

So I would like something sooner than later, that I can use as both and the t:slim does not have that feature as of yet and well yeah. I know the Animas Vibe, could still be months away, possibly longer, I am holding out hopes sooner than later. I guess we shall see. However, that hanging over my head, my current happiness with Jake, seriously who names a pump Jake?!?, and the fact that the support at Animas which has been so helpful in the transition/decision period were also influencing my decision. Again, there was nothing against the t:slim pump in the end, it was just it was an unknown and I wasn’t sure if I could handle slipping into the unknown right now. So I made my final decision and have proceeded to move on with Animas Ping with hopes of the newer pump coming out sometime hopefully soon.


7 thoughts on “Pump Confusion

  1. I think you made a good choice… you went with something you’re familiar and comfortable with. And something you already know works for you. (By the way, I’ve got a list of reasons I won’t go with a t:slim; its a topic for a post I may write one day. But I’d be glad to give you a preview if you find yourself still contemplating)

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