So Tuesday Night I was Low…

I know big surprise, however the thing that got my attention, got me, frigged me out was the fact that when the 35 and than the retest of 30 showed up my mind just went, ehh….

EHHHH!!!!!! What the heck. Tuesday was a great night for me, I played in the Ultimate Frisbee playoffs and my team won. 17 – 10. AWESOME! We went out for Ice Cream like we were in little league or something. AWESOME! I went home.

After carefully monitoring and looking at how Ultimate changed my sugars as it is more of an anerobic exercise than an aerobic exercise I had taken to giving myself 2 units of insulin post workout. This helped me to deal with the post exercise spikes and it was working pretty well for me. Add the small Hawaiian Blizzard from Dairy Queen, which under bolused for I thought I was golden. Before I “went” to sleep I was hovering around 85, yet I knew the Ice Cream was planning a rally as it always does when I eat it. So I set my normal temp basal for its normal sleep time ice cream battle (I am normally only about 20-40% successful on this and usually wake up hovering at 180, I don’t want to over temp the basal because of lows, so it is still experiment time for me.)

Anyway, it is about 10:30 and I am tired and start my Brian it’s late routine go to bed. So I try and try and try. I just can’t really fall asleep. I know I had Iced Tea so i figure it is that. I read for a bit, try to sleep, still nothing. Now I am getting annoyed with myself. I may have dozed for a bit but around midnight, I am still tossing, in fact I was all over my bed. That is when I say to myself look at Beepy. So I do, he is telling me I am 69 so I am like good, all is according to plan. Ice Cream should be kicking in at some point. I roll over to sleep again. Now I start having a conversation with myself. Please don’t ask me what it was I can’t remember. However, something I thought must have triggered my mind to be rational for a second, and it said “Brian something isn’t right. test” I was all ???? and I heard it again “TEST”. So I roll out of bed and test, 5,4,3,2,1… 35. Wait what!? New finger, 5,4,3,2,1… 30. Oh good, I’m low. Back to bed.

Did anyone else just see the thought pattern there? Low, go back to bed! Sometimes I am an idiot. I seem to be saying this alot as of late. So I sit down on my bed, go to turn the light off before the thought clicks in my head. Hey idiot, 35 is not a good number. You are still with it. If you roll over and fall asleep with this temp. basal still going you are royally ducked. Cue 30 grams of carbs, two of the archer farm fruit twist things. SO GOOD. Cancelling of the temp. basal and an attempt to make sure the number climbs.

I am not going to lie at this point I was quite tired and was more than willing to let the low feeling lull me to sleep. I did however wait to see the Dexcom go below 55 and start climbing before I closed my eyes and went to bed. I woke up at 5:45 not my favorite time to wake up but it’s how I roll right now and started my day. I tested I was 76. So it kinda worked out in the end.

Disclaimer: I can be an idiot sometimes, I make mistakes sometimes, I do not endorse the stupidity that I blogged here. I am well aware of what the proper procedure of test, 15 grams, wait, test and repeat as necessary. I am not perfect I make poor decisions. This is something that I have been working on. I did speak to my doctor about some of the lows and issues I have been having. We are working on it. I am working on it. Overall, the readings I have printed from my dexcom have shown a better base pattern and the overall percentages of low/hypoglycemia have shrunk while the in range category has grown. I am not there yet, but I am getting there. I know you may worry about me. I worry about myself to. Right now I am one person manning a parish that usually has three priests in it and I am trying to fill all three rolls. It is not going easily for me. I am tired and exhausted at the end of the day. My one day off is really not doing much to recharge me. yet at the same time I realize if I am not careful something/anything could happen to me. There is currently no one able to fill in for me. So I am doing my best. My best isn’t always good enough, but I am trying. Do not judge me, do not criticize me. I am only one person trying my hardest.


7 thoughts on “So Tuesday Night I was Low…

  1. “30. Oh good, I’m low. Back to bed” Makes sense… when it’s midnight and you’re tired, you want to go to bed. When you’re that low, you’re tired and you want to go to bed. Add them together, and you REALLY want to go back to bed.

    Maybe it’s not the right decision, but it’s certainly a logical one.

    (Your disclaimer shows some signs that you’re may feel a bit vulnerable. Don’t be discouraged. You can do… umm… something. What’s that saying again?)

  2. Well, for what it’s worth…great job. Seriously — figuring it out enough to eat something AND stop the temp basal while your brain is out of fuel…I think that’s pretty amazing.

    (((hugs))) Glad it worked out!!

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