Wordless Wednesday: When Low

I updated my low stash. I just need to remember that when I am low, I cannot sort the colors and only the color of choice I have chosen to eat next. I usually go, blue, green, red, orange, yellow, brown. I need help.


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: When Low

  1. I always go brown, orange, yellow, green, red, then blue. OR I eat them in color pairs, depending on my mood. Two yellow with two green. Two green with two red (Christmas). Two brown with two orange. If you find annn ‘organizing your food before you eat it therapy group’, let me know..

    • Glad it’s not just me. Granted it would be easier if I went to a candy store and just bought all the same color. Do you also like me only eat one thing on your plate at a time? i.e. if you start with broccoli you need to eat it all before you move on to the next food?
      I need help!

  2. So, I had absolutely no clue that people eat M&Ms in color order. I keep Skittles around for my lows as I really don’t like them. M&Ms? – I’d bolus and eat them. 🙂

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