Meet Paltrow

I know a weird name for a pump. But honestly can you expect more from me. Why this name though. Well the story goes back to around the beginning of Friends for Life 2012. I tried to pinpoint when we actually started using this quote, however, neither Jess, Sara, Kim, or myself could fully place the start this running joke.

Sara and I think it could be when Kim got the You Can Do This bracelets, but I think I am missing something somewhere and could be wrong on this. Anyway, we started the entire game of “What’s in the box?” You know from that scene in the movie Seven.

Granted we were having more fun with this than we probably should have.

Flash back to yesterday when I tweeted this.

Here’s the picture I sent.

Sara responded relatively quickly. She is good on the uptake.

While I am not normally one to bow to peer pressure I wasn’t sure of a name for the pump, there were some deliberations between us about the name and my own suggestions of Gwen or Gwyneth. So it thought about it, thought about it some more, and eventually said what the heck. I mean I did ask what was in the box and now I have the answer and the name. So yes, meet Paltrow, may she do all she is supposed to do and more!


4 thoughts on “Meet Paltrow

    • I don’t tell you everything. :-p
      I loved my blue color and all, I just thought I would go with something different and brighter. You know to match my sneakers and socks!!!! Dayle would get it.

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