Sometimes the words….

Sometimes the words are hard to find and even harder to say.

Sometimes even when we know what the right thing is to do, we don’t.

Sometimes the angry words we yell are just that words and don’t mean a thing.

Sometimes being true to ourselves is hard to do so we compromise.

Sometimes when we want to do more, we just can’t.

Sometimes the sometimes are harder than the doing.

Hanging in my office I have this picture/threadwork/embroidery/ I have no idea what it is right now. My brain isn’t letting me give it the proper title right now. Anyway, it says “Do your best, Be a star — Seize the world wherever you are.

While I don’t always acknowledge this picture, it is just hanging out with its cool self reminding me of this very important piece of information. No matter who we are, no matter what we are trying to do, as long as we are trying, as long as we are doing, we are all set.

What does this mean, well we are going to muck things up sometimes. We are going to be grumpy with people. Pick on others when we shouldn’t. Maybe drop our child, over feed the goldfish so that it explodes, accidentally dent mom/dad’s new car, over bolus and wake up to our friend/partner/parent over us with that panicked look in their eyes wielding what can only look like 5 fuzzy/dancing glasses of OJ, Coke Pepsi, or whatever. We are going to make that mistake at some point in our lives. We are not perfect. I know of only one perfect human and well he died and rose around 2,000 years ago. We are not him.

Yet oddly enough even in our imperfections, even in our sometimeses (yes I know that isn’t a word), we can keep trying. Keep doing, and sometimes when we make our mistakes or whatever, remember we are still loved.

The love of Him is something so great, something to hang on to on those days when we don’t feel like a star.

It’s funny, when I started writing this post I was not expecting to really go all that spiritual. Yet I kinda shoulda figured it was going to happen. I am sitting here listening to my playlist “Inspiration” on my friend Spot. So you would think that is the direction my mind would go. Anyway, this song “Carry Me to the Cross” came on by Kutless. I love this song.

The opening verse to the song says it all:

When the path is daunting
And every step exhausting
I’m not alone
I’m not alone, no, no
I feel you draw me closer
All these burdens on my shoulder
I’m not alone, I’m not alone
You pull me me from this place

We are truly not alone. The stars we are, the imperfections we are does not matter. We are not alone. We have our family, we have our friends, we have God. Remember, you are never alone if you need help. We will be there for you all. Well I will at least, I can’t say that for everyone, but I would like to think they all would be as well.


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