I needed this!

Today is Monday.

That is all I know.

I took a few days to rest/recoup after a very busy August.

My friends lent me their house.

Last night, I napped, ate pizza, sat outside, and took pictures of the sunset.

Today, who knows. I don’t know the time. I don’t care. I know my BS is okay. I don’t know what it is.

I don’t care. Today is just a sit back, relax, maybe go swimming in the awesome pool my friends have.

Who knows. I will eat lunch, swim, shower, go for a walk, maybe go to the beach. I have books, I have my iPad, my Vita, and Fire. I am golden.

Here are some pictures, I took ones with my camera too, but I did not bring my cable with me. Somehow I woke up long enought to take pictures of the sunrise.

I needed this.



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