Escape aka I needed Monday

My post from Wednesday, had a nice picture of a waterfall. The small waterfall and the blog was aptly just titled, I needed Monday. Why Monday? I needed it, I needed Monday. Monday was amazing. I escaped from work, I gave myself the day off. There are some perks to being one of the two bosses, not many, but I took the day for myself and am glad I did. I went hiking. I have been craving a good hike for a while and being up in the middle of nowhere this past weekend for a period of time at the Boy Scout Retreat, I realized this was something that I missed.

So I posted on Facebook on Sunday, asking if anyone wanted to go hiking at Tillman’s Ravine with me on Monday. Figuring that at least one of my more active friends had to be off from work for Columbus Day. Surprisingly enough, I got a bite from an old grammar school friend, who I haven’t seen in years. Yet we have known each other since second grade. So I was all set, we changed the location to Buttermilk Falls, but otherwise we were good to go.

These were the best plans I have made in so long. Work has been stressful lately. Well the workload has been. It is really hard working in a parish that has been used to having 3 priests working and having the clergy being cut to 1 and 1/2 priests. Last week, between the Administrator and myself we had 5 funerals, I also had a wedding, the preparation for the scout retreat, youth group, …….. the list goes on and on. I was going crazy. I work 6 days a week and rarely take time for myself. I mean to, but well it doesn’t happen. Not to mention my Wednesday nights seem to keep me up late all of the time. I was worn out. So I relished Monday.

I met up with Kate, her husband Carlton, their 4 month old Charlie (Charlotte), and we just hiked for a good 4 plus hours. Who knew a kid would enjoy this, with barely a peep. However with something this beautiful around you, I can only imagine why Charlie was so entranced.

We probably hiked about a good 6 miles or so. The thing about the hike is that it starts at the base of the falls and just keeps going up, even after it levels out at the top of the falls you pretty much keep going upwards for the rest of the hike. That can be tiring, however, I had so much fun. I need to spend more time outside, like outside, outside. It really does ground me. It was a great day.

D-Related: I ate a granola bar before starting out, without a bolus. I kept an eye on things throughout the hike. At the midway point, I popped one Strawberry Banana Level glucose Gel and also one of my 15g of carb Raspberry Lemondae Fruit Twists from Target. Other than the brief drop, I finished the hike in the 90 -115 range, I just don’t remember the number. It was a successful hike all the way around.


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