Oh it did happen

For the past few months I have been trying to schedule some time to hang out with some really awesome people, Kerri and Karen. It has been hard. My limited availability, coupled with Kerri’s traveling, has made things very difficult to make things work. FINALLY, we managed to get things sorted out and a date was set.

I set out early to get to Karen’s place. It took longer than I was expecting due to traffic. Mind you I had planned for said traffic in my departure. Oh well. As I was driving comments were flying from Karen about getting everything ready. apparently even the soap dish and soap get cleaned.

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 11.27.22 AM


I coulda eaten from that soap dish. The soap did look tasty. Maybe next time.

After this, I climbed into Karen’s car for the ride up to Mystic. This was a great ride. Karen and I talked the ENTIRE time. There is always that awkward moment in our lives where we wonder if when we climb into cars with strangers, friends if we will be able to carry an entire conversation. We were and more. I found out many secrets about Pete. I never woulda known this person would love the Smashing Pumpkins and other bands. Karen’s playlist accidentally revealed one of her guilty song pleasures. I felt obligated to reveal one of mine to her as well. We bonded. We rocked out to Rent, well I did, Karen drove and kept us safe. It was AMAZING.

We arrived at Mystic and found Kerri animatedly on a phone conversation. It was entertaining to say the least. I love Kerri. She’s the mom I would have loved to have, if my mom was not an available option for me. We went across the parking lot to the Steak Loft for lunch. The food was pretty yummy. I let me other friends know I was with Kerri and Karen. Sara replied as she does with everything, “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” That’s right I feigned making plans with Kerri and Karen, I feigned it all to look cool.

The two obliged by posing for pictures.


Usually Kerri is flipping me off in pictures. This was an improvement.


Karen normally does not look this strange. She decided it would be appropriate to Sara face, Sara, with this being the obvious result. If you know Sara and are friends with her on Facebook, look at the pictures she posts. You will see what we mean.

It’s amazing thought the picture shows the victim of Karen’s next move. She looks ready to pounce, and pounce she did when she decided the lady in the wheel chair behind her needed to be taken out with her hand. Oh it was great. We had so much fun hanging out and talking. Kerri had to ask for a different Soda since she thought hers wasn’t diet. Her soda was all syrupy and weird and possibly not diet in taste. Kerri judged my ordering of seltzer. It’s all good though. I don’t mind her judging me. She got it once I explained my 3 months of no caffeine and trying to avoid all artificial sweeteners too. If you are curious why, I gave it up for Lent, right Karen???

The food was pretty good, I would have to say. The potato chips fucked with my sugars on my drive home, but I was happier to be highish while driving, than low. We talked diabetes, we talked tech, we talked blog stuff, we made fun of each other. It was great. I explained to Kerri what the Platinum Pocket was. See Sara, we will get this mainstream at some point. We talked about so much. Plus we were laughing. When Kerri started explaining her cappuccino to the lady at the next table over, things went hysterical fast. I am still not sure if the lady was positive that Kerri did not have a drinking problem or not. Hell I am not even convinced about this at this point. Needless to say, the shenanigans were great.

Getting ready to leave I realized we did not take a picture together. This is where things got awkward. Kerri and Karen posed first. There were multiple attempts to take this picture due to some issues and Karen and Kerri and boobs. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.



Trying to take a picture of the three of us was awkward as well. the angles were weird the heights were weird too. Sorry Kerri, you are short. However, you know this and accept your vertical challengedness with poise, dignity, and swearing.



In this picture we see Karen trying to be taller. Awesome!

We really need to remember to bring someone else to take pictures or pose where there are other people around to take the pictures for us. We could have posed so much better.

Either way, this was a great day. We all departed, Kerri to go liberate Birdy from school and Karen and I hopped back into her car to rock out to some more interesting choices of music. Went back to Karen’s place, had the honor of talking to KC and petting her too. Great cat.

Great day, great friends, need to do this again sometime soon. I hope. Thanks for the great day ladies.


8 thoughts on “Oh it did happen

  1. You really did win K.C. over – she was still purring like mad even after you left. I had such a fun (if not totally crazy) day, thanks for coming up to hang with us. Thanks for putting up with my odd mix of music (I know we heard some Rent, but did Evita play too? Cuz that’s totally on there . . . . ) We’ll have to do it again soon.

    And Sara, if you see this comment, I’m so sad you weren’t there to take my “Sara picture” with me. 😦

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