Day One: Why?

“Hi my name is Brian, thank you for possibly stumbling upon today’s blog. It’s great to have you here.”

The proper response is, “Thank you Brian for having us here.”

“Well…. I’m still waiting!!!”

I always hate these awkward introductions. They make me feel uncomfortable.

But seriously though. My name is Brian and I tend to blog about my life as a person with type-1 diabetes. I say, I tend to write about this, because there are times in my life, where I wander off track and go on different tangents. While they normally do focus on type-1 diabetes, sometimes the connection is tenuous at best. But I digress, (let me say this now, I digress a lot.)

Why do I write? To be honest, I write because on some level when I am having a rough day, this can be an outlet for me. Not necessarily anything to do with my diabetes frustrations, but just dealing with life in general, this just makes sense. Writing is the lesser of two evils. Writing allows me to get my stresses out, maybe just be completely ridiculous, or just say what needs to be said. These are all of the reasons why I write. Why do I write about my health and type-1 diabetes? Well, this is a topic obviously near and dear to my heart. More so though, I definitely have a unique perspective on my illness and the things I go through on a daily basis.

What I am not saying is that I am a better writer, that is ridiculous. I have a different outlook on life. I try to see the humor in things and the stories I tell are to cheer someone up maybe or just get something off my mind. HAWMC in the years past has given me a chance to say what needs to be said. There are so many great diabetes bloggers out there. So numerous that I am too lazy to address this. (Let’s be honest I woke up at 3:45 this morning to fly to Colorado for vacation. I am exhausted, well the short sleep last night (2 hours) and the business of Easter masses and such have knocked me out. In fact, I keep dozing as I type. But HAWMC gives me a chance to share, but also be creative in my sharing, thinking outside of the box.

Anyway welcome, I am off to nap.



6 thoughts on “Day One: Why?

  1. I found your blog through the WeGo Health HAWMC page! My husband is also a type-1 diabetic (and I have multiple chronic illnesses). I look forward to reading your posts this month!

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