Day 12: Hindsight

Today’s Prompt: If you could go back in time and talk to yourself (or your loved one) on the day of diagnosis, what would you say?

I readily admit I need help. I tried my hardest as I was titling this post not to call it hinney sight. Listen I know this already, but I was amused. Yes, I have the mind of a five year old child. Yes I still giggle when someone says the phrase this is something we need to do, do you agree. I can’t help but think ha, he said dodo. I get it. Childish mind.

Anyway, back to my butt sight. I mean hind sight. If I were to write a letter to myself now, I am not sure if I could. I mean, yes there are small things I might do or tell my parents to make my life a little easier, but in the grand scheme of things, there isn’t much I would do to warn/prepare/educate them. Why?

Mind you my mind is flaky on some of the details. I know the first day was a shock to my parents and to me. Yet, I don’t ever seem to remember the panic, the fear, the OMG you are going to die mentality going through my mind. It could have been completely different with the parents, but still they never let on. They never really gave me any chance to fear or worry. I guess that is a really good thing. I will never really know the internal battles or fears that they may have had. I guess on some level I am glad to not know these things.

So if anything I think I would write a letter to my parents.

Dear Dennis and Trish,

Hi, it’s Brian from 2013. Kinda weird huh. I mean getting the guy in the DeLorean to deliver this letter took some heavy duty science and stuff. It’s funny, I can do time travel, but in case you are curious, there is still no cure for type 1 diabetes. Don’t get me wrong there is stuff on the horizon I am sure in another five years, eventually a cure will be found. Just not yet. Never fear the hard work and everything you are doing to care for me. I appreciate it so much. I might not thank you. But I do. You never showed fear, you never panicked, I think that helped me a lot. I am doing great. There have been some mishaps along the way, but honestly if you try to correct them, I will not have learned from those issues. Just continue to support young me. You will be impressed with the kid you turn up with. I mean if you want to do anything for him, take him to Disney World. He always will appreciate you for stuff like that. However, since I don’t have a memory of this happening, I can only assume you chose not to do that. Don’t worry I don’t hate you for this, but I will mock you for not listening to me.

In all of these things, though, you turned out a relatively good child. I am sure most people will agree with me on this. If you are curious about what the future holds, I might just suggest investing in Apple and Google stock as soon as it becomes available. You will not regret that either. I love you both. Thank you for everything.



(Don’t ask me about my leaves…. flowers.)


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